Thursday, February 4, 2010

Macro Photography #2

Do some macro shoot again.. Well, like someone said practice makes perfect so, here it is..
another "object-less" shoot.. I said object-less cause it's really a random object that I found in my house hahaha...

Well, this is the Photosynthesized Plumeria Leaves..

And the second try..

My Old-fashioned lock can't escape from my PASSION!! Muahahaha..

The last try of the day..

This is just a random shoot, so I really don't have any idea why I took that objects.. What do you think guys? Basically I learned that Macro needs a lot of light.. The Brighter the better.. more like a natural light is better than using lamp, is this correct?


  1. yeah I like macro shot but I need better camera ^^;;

  2. yeah agree.. and of course cost a lot of money too >.<

  3. wow, this macro shot is really nice :D What camera and lens are you using?

  4. @h4mster: Actually I'm just using an ordinary camera..
    Canon Powershot SX100IS.. hehe..
    thanks, but do really want a DSLR

  5. amazing details! definitely strong natural light is best. your using a tripod too? need to be really steady with macro shots lol

  6. @rocklee: thanks.. yeah, we should need the tripod.. but unfortunately I still don't have a decent tripod, so I "manually" hold it steady and with full of sweat.. :3

  7. Nice micro shots!

    I should use my cam and do something other than toy photos, which doesn't have much detail in the first place.

    For macro shot, it is better to use tripod + remote control for perfect sharpness.

  8. @B-Mecha: you know.. actually your photo is awesome..
    thanks.. I should buy a decent tripod..

  9. for tripod you can buy like mine, a goriilapod.
    I always use it now for all my photo shots.

  10. nice pics bro! The globe gembok looks artistic, hahaha.

    what's in the last photo?

  11. @divinelight: yeah.. I have a thought on that.. but it's model really.. uhm.. something..

    @heathorn: thanks hahaha, old fashioned isn't it?
    well try to guess it?
    It's actually a corrosion at the street lamp house hahaha...