Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recent MGs Part Two, EDITED

So, MG ReZEL is the answer of my curiosity about the next MG..
is this kit is ver Ka or not? is this kit will have the commander unit ver like it's HG version?
for a 4,800Yen, this kit is really tempting.. I'm gonna wait and see first, because the prototype isn't out yet, and maybe.. just maybe.. they will include the commander unit ver in this kit too.. Who knows right?

Actually MG Deathscythe is tempting too, but consider I still prefer the Hell OVA Ver, so I will skip this kit,
this is a pic to "poison" some of you here which can't resist it.. Te-he-he...

It looks really cool with it's scythe and the clear green parts..

Oh yeah, btw for this upcoming games at certain console ACE:R, anyone here will get this game? they include a decent list starting from Code Geass R2, Macross Frontier, Crossbone Gundam, and the most surprising is OG Series.. Wow.. But no 00 series eh?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Recent MGs

I want to share my opinion about recent MGs, let's talk about MG for April is MG Wing Gundam, the May MG is Shin Musha Gundam MKII, the June MG is FA Gundam, the July MG is V Dash Gundam ver Ka/V Core Booster ver Ka, the August MG is The-O, and the September MGs is Deathschyte ver Ka [well they didn't confirm it, but based on the design, I'm sure it will be ver Ka, though I really hope for Deathschyte Hell OVA ver].

Firstly I know that all of the MGs are awesome, but I think it's odd that Bandai only give 6 MGs for a whole six months? Usually Bandai often released 2 MGs at once for a month. So, basically my curiosity will be, What is the hidden MG[s]? [well maybe there will be 1 or 2 more MGs for this next three months right?]

Before we talking about that, let's take a peek about our recent MGs that "catch" my eyes, starting from this one..

I ever said that I really fall in love with "tiny" MS, well I already got F91 and Crossbone Fullcloth, so Victory is my next target, preferable for V2, but after I saw V Dash, maybe.. just maybe I will get this guy.. lot's of weapon, great detail and very minimal in design [really like Katoki design because of it's simplicity yet detailed design].

The next target will be MG The-O, one massive MS that speed can't be underestimated. I fond of Z gundam design, but because I didn't collect them so I will skip this guy [and of course the cost is the main reason too]. Actually Titans has a lot of good MS that need to be MGfied, like Gaplant, Gabhtley, Hambrabi, Palace Athena, Messala.

As we can see, compared to MG Zeta gundam, Zeta gundam look small, I really want to compare this guy to MG Sinanju. Well eventhough I don't order this guy, at least I think MG Kshatriya is not impossible anymore eh? [Of course with an extreme price tag too].

Well, now let's take a look about recent candidate for the hidden MGs.

First, take look at Bandai MG Wishlist Survey top three last time. 00 Raiser,  V2 Gundam, and The-O. The-O really become a MG not long after that result is announced, so what next? V2 Gundam? maybe not, because I think it's too soon for Bandai to release another V variant [V Dash is recently released and Bandai said configuration technology still under development]. While The-O is already planned, so the possible left would be 00 Raiser. I think that maybe 00 Raiser will be out not so long after this, because strategically before 00 Qan[T] is rolling out, 00 Raiser is a main hit at gundam 00 series gunpla and this is a good time to release it to warm up the buyer for the upcoming 00 movie, also Bandai said that this MG realization is under study.

Second, besides 00 movie, we also have Unicorn OVA vol 2. Which is a good time for Bandai to release another MG from this series too.. MG Delta Plus? MG ReZel? or even MG Kshatriya? well this is really still a question mark for all of us.

Lastly, before I want to ask about your opinion of "Which MG should come at this three months?" I want to comment about the RG 1/144 RX-78-2. The RG really "own" anything eh? From detail, articulation, size [well small is a plus for me because of the space, while MG really takes lots of space], even the box art really look elegant. So, I will ask two opinion from you.
1. Which MG do you want to come at this next three months?
2. Will you get RG 1/144 RX78-2? and Will you choose RG over 1/100MG/ 1/144HG?