Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Posting Spree ~ New phone..

As I said before, currently I attracted with android's logo, so I decided to take a look for android phone [just take a look at first]. At that time I pick 2 android phones in my wish list. Those two are Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Rachel, and Motorola Milestone. I choose X10 because of it's sleek design, while I pick Milestone because of it's qwerty keypad. At that I still use K800i

Not thinking to change phone, after a month my phone dies hahaha.. so quickly I look for a replacement.. lots of my friend suggest me BlackBerry, but since I'm not too fond with BlackBerry I search more infos about the two android phones. After some thought [and some promotion gifts ehehe..] I choose X10, so here is it..

X10 processor is powerful, not like other SE smartphones which are laggy [eg. G900,G705] this phone is smooth, maybe because of the android OS too, the drawback is X10 still use 1.6, the 2.1 update is at September or November 2010 [Way too long!!], while the current android is already at 2.2, but I still enjoy it because it has additional content like Mediascape and Timescape [the last one, actually I didn't use it too much, but actually can be handy for some people]

The touch screen is very responsive, really great and smooth, the android menu really user's friendly. A bit surprised when I open the menu.. no calculator, no notepad, wow hahaha... but recently I realized that they have it at android markets

Android market provides me with a lot of additional programs and games, either they are useful or not ahahaha... but user's comments really will help use to pick a decent software. One thing that I like about X10 is it's really great for web browsing, messaging, email, and facebook!! ahahaha..

X10 has a decent camera 8.1 megapixel is really powerful for a smartphone.. [usually smartphone only 3 until 5 megapixel], the picture taken is really awesome, but it doesn't have a flash, so when the light is not bright, the picture taken will blurry. Also X10 good for streaming youtube which I haven't tried it because of the low speed connectivity at my country.

Good thing for android phone is a massive of FREE addictive mini games, for example panzer panic, paper toss, etc

the plus of X10:
- Bigger screen mean bigger enjoyment
- High resolution camera 8.1MP
- 1GHz Processor
- HD Widescreen movie
- Android OS phone [Android markets]
- Good for browsing and email
- Awesome contact list [can be linked with facebook, twitter, etc]

now for the minus of X10:
- the sound quality is horrible!! I thought SE is proud of their sounds quality, but X10 is really horrible!!
- full touch no additional keypad, for a big sized finger this would be a problem [but can be minimized by using a landscape view]
- Android OS still 1.6, while now already 2.2 [Froyo], already got update but must wait until september 2010 and still using 2.1
- only 69k color, but the different isn't much
- high battery consumption [but I think all smart phones has high battery consumption]

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  1. I better call this shopping spree, hahahaha
    sy buta hape sih, I have been using the same cell phone for 5 or 6 years