Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simple Wallpaper #1 ~ ANDROID

humm, sorry about slow blog updates.. 'cause I'm now more into work, but I think after this I will have much more free time than before, so this is the second update at this month [what the!!!] hahahaha...

Kay, I made this when I have some free times at office but don't know what to do..
Currently I'm very attracted to the new Sony Ericsson smart phone Xperia X10 which uses ANDROID OS, so I decided to gather some info about ANDROID and found out that actually they have a rather cute logo..

So here it is, I made the wallpaper for [1600x1200] resolution.. again feel free to grab it if you like and also comments and critics are always welcomed.


  1. do you know that they make an android toys too? their mascot is really cute :D

  2. @h4mster: whaa really?? yeah.. their mascot really attractive ^_^

  3. mafty!!! you alive!! hahaha :D

  4. @heathorn: orz what do you mean ahaha..
    maybe for this month still busy heat..
    actually I already prepared a lots of update.. but can't update it because of time >.<