Sunday, June 13, 2010

Triple Posting Spree ~ Assassin's Creed II

One of the games that recently played by me..
Assassin's Creed II. The story is sequel from Assassin's Creed, which Desmond Miles, the protagonist escaped from Abstergo Industries [Templar in present time]. This time Desmond run from Abstergo with his assassin's friend, Lucy Stillman to their hideout. Using what they called Animus ver 2.0, Desmond go to one of his ancestor memory. This time at Italy, Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

The first impression when I played this game is.. Absolutely awesome..
lots of improvements, AI, missions, side missions, even the landscapes and graphics.
lots of beautiful Italy landscapes and Landmark at Venice, Florence, Tuscan, etc
this time the missions isn't monotone like the first game.. lots of variety, the wonderful thing is we can use Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine [Leonardo is assassin's too in this game hahaha..]

Venice view from top, nice isn't it?

Our own mansion and castle, we also can manage them..

Not only astonished with the graphic, the gameplay is improved significantly too, the AI are smarter and have a lots of variety from Brute, Agile, Seeker, etc makes combat more "fun" to do, stealth kill is improved too with dual hidden knife for double massacre, added poison effect for stealth and slow kill, throwing daggers, knife/dagger, sword, mace weapon, even we can grab enemies weapons. The most wonderful is an additional hidden gun inside the assassin's gauntlet.

Ship is one of the transportation between city in this game.

One of the landmark at Venice.

Now, the player can swim, and use gondola [maybe because Venice is famous of it's gondola]. Also additional hidden places and catacombs for unlocking the special armor [Altair's armor]. There are a lots of real figures inside the game for ex: the main enemies is Rodrigo Borgia also known as Pope Alexander VI [this is really a controversial matter hahaha..], Leonardo da Vinci, also Niccolo Machiavelli are assassins, not to mention the powerful families at that time [Medici, Pazzi, Sforza, etc]. Not to mention "the truth" video which consist of the Adam and Eve assassin's creed ver, and also a lot of religions controversies [almost all of the religions]

Lots of variety of weapons this time.

If you want to lose your pursuit, use smoke [remember the soldier at the left].

The funny thing is, money also can distract the pursuer [look at the soldier at the left ^^;]

The end of the pursuer, the finishing counter.

I do hope for the next sequel, this game really awesome. I heard they announced the next sequel, but we still use Ezio for the main protagonist..

Story : 9/10 (this is a must, really)
Graphic : 9/10 (really a great tour at Italy around 16th centuries)
Soundtrack : 8/10 (good)
Battle system : 9/10 (even my brother who only watched me playing is satisfied XD)
Gameplay : 9/10 (not monotone like the first game..)
Overall : 8.8 (PC or PS3, if you like something like medieval political history plot story, this is your choice)


  1. ACII!!! Im playing this game too.. totally much more better than the first one... love the improvement they did... this game is awesome!! may be the best game of the year... too bad that Ubisoft using draconian DRM (Digital Right Management) that need you to be online for the whole time playing the game <_<... but thats not going to stop from this awesome game to be played ^^... now try Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Convinction lol XD

  2. @tsuki: wohoo.. yeah true.. the improvement really awesome.. I want to try the Red Dead Redemption, but lots recommend me to play Conviction, is it good tsuki?

  3. Ah AC2, one of my fav games recently. Only thing I hated were the character models. They looked ugly as hell @_@ Everything else was graphically amazing, I'm just so disappointed they didn't really focus on making the character faces look..nice

    All in all, this is one amazing game that deserves to be played xD

  4. @faddy: hahaha yeah, the character face I think, a bit weird for me, their eyes maybe.. but true this game is a must...

  5. Brotherhood coming out and with multiplayer! I now starting playing AC1. Wanted to try out AC2! XD