Monday, February 15, 2010

MG Strike Freedom Straight Build

Take a pic of Destiny without it's counterpart isn't fair I believe.. So I decided to take a pic about Strike Freedom when I have some free time today (off work hehe..). I believe I bought this kit around 1 year before Destiny.. So it makes this kit already 3 years old.

I think MG is divided into two categories:
1. The "Real" MG Kit: this supposedly categorized as a real mechanical and level of details and articulation, mostly are grunt units. Ex: MG Zaku ver 2.0, MG Gouf ver 2.0, MG Gun Tank, etc (this kit I believe is really enjoyable when we build them and also I didn't mean Zaku is bad in term of appearance)
2. The "Pose" MG Kit: this category is almost like this kit is good on it's appearance and usually a good looking figure for your shelf. Some high-tech mecha and usually are a high leveled Gundam. Ex: MG Destiny, MG Crossbone Fullcloth, etc

It is possible that a MG kit also have two categories, they have a decent articulation and details also a good appearance.. Ex: MG Sinanju.
I believe Strike Freedom is among the 2nd Category. I choose the ordinary one beside of the Full Burst Mode because of:
1. +2000Yen for a DRAGOON effect is a not for me.. Personally I really didn't like it's effect (I still prefer the Hi-Nu funnel effect), but the gold bling2x effect seems nice. Second it's DRAGOON when deployed in the action base is to low.. And I suppose the third is +2000 without it's wing's of light effect is a no..
2. Again.. The box art really affected me.. The FBM Box art actually really awesome, but I do collect the MGs box, so I prefer the same theme box art (it's the same why I choose MG Exia over the Ignited version hehe.. weird isn't it)

Okay~ without delaying anymore let me present the strike freedom

Tsuki's edit style again~ I fond of this kind of edit hahaha.. thanks tsuki

Strike Freedom speciality: it's dual beam rifles means double *PEW PEW

This time, it's my fave weapon from Strike Freedom, it's Xiphias3 Railgun

Intercepting enemies using beam sabers

I want YOU to be the next victim!

Different angle of shooting gives a different perception

Why the twin beam rifles is my fave, because it can be combined!

Pose a Freedom with it's HiMAT is a must..

Another different angle for HiMAT pose

I will "save" humanity!!

The lesson when I took photo with this object is.. It's too shiny. I sweat too much because of the heat.. Never tried to take a photo around this time.. >.< hahaha... The sun angle really not good for taking photos it's above our head so whatever angles we take it always the same.. a lot of shadows in the kit it self.. Isn't it right?

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 1 PM and shiny


  1. Strike Freedom ^_^ Like this mainly because of the looks and the power.

  2. LoL

    stil wondering how the wing mechanism goes..

    does it just extended or the dragoon got launched as well?
    infos at the box are confusing me

  3. Whoa love the angles this time round!! I remember taking my force impluse around 1 pm too....terrible lol...i looked like i ran 5 kilometers before I came back from the outside!!!

  4. @keionfan: more power = mass weapon eh? agreed my friend hahaha..

    @zoidiect: hmm actually when it's on it HiMAT mode, the wing is extended.. well probably hahaha... the DRAGOON supposedly no need to launch..

    @chubbybots: thanks, yeah.. I too feel like already lost a lot of weight because of work out but minus the work out hahaha.. Extreme Heat!!

  5. awesome shot *_*
    but for this KIt FBM looks much better but no space to display lol

  6. coo... nice shots. *must resist...*

  7. @moemoe: thanks, yeah agree, but I'm not too fond with it's DRAGOON light effect.. I still prefer they give it's "Wing's of light" effect..

    @bd77: thanks, resist is futile.. hahaha..

  8. What's with all the recent SF? even faddy's building his, lol.... I want the FBM!!!!

  9. @Marzz: hahaha we will make a SF parade hahaha.. try to resist it..
    it's futile hahaha...

  10. sweet SF, the effects on the last pic are awesome ^^

    i havent experienced taking pics out under blazing sun lol will prepare an umbrella if i ever do :P

  11. @rocklee: thanks..
    yeah.. Now I regret it because I got a minor sun burn because of that >.<

  12. photoshoot in a sunny noon is no good for health bro, haha :D
    what is the place you usually take photos? Looks like balcony to dry clothes.

    My fave is the 6th photo. Looks like it's floating, still stand by watching the enemy retreat, hahaha, imajinasi tinggi

  13. yup, the heat in outdoor photography is's dillematic since the best outdoor light is when the sun shine at its best :D
    Maybe you should make an indoor studio, all you need is a big white paper/kertas asturo, and a table lamp, and a mirror as reflector :D

  14. @heathorn: yeah.. it's no good for health.. guess I learned my lesson >.<..
    yep it's balcony to dry clothes hahaha..
    yeah same with me the 6th is my fave too.. well I imagine the beam saber is a katana hahaha... (sama2x kok hahaha.. imajinasi tinggi = kreatip hahaha..)

    @h4mster: >.< too late bro.. I already done it >.<.. hmm perhaps an indoor studio would be good.. thanks for the advice.. asturo for how much? white table lamp of course, watt? mirror?? where I should place the mirror?

  15. Nice try.

    In this case, best timming for outdoor photo shoot is either 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm, unless you want to achieve certain effect.

    Else you can make a light box with table lamp. If you don't want to use mirror, any reflective/glossy white surface will do. It is use for reflect some light to the area that is too dark.

  16. @B-Mecha: ahh.. I get it now.. thanks.. btw you still owe me to teach how to make that overman wallpaper of yours hahaha...