Thursday, February 11, 2010

MG Destiny Straight Build

One of my favorite gundam.. Destiny gundam..
I got this already at a long time ago (approx 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken). So maybe I'm less skillful at making gunpla that time (and don't have time to take a pic about him ^^; and today I have some free time), but this is it.. Straight build from the box..
I choose the ordinary Destiny over the Burst Mode ver because of it's box art..
It may sounds ridiculous, but I really like it's box art over the Burst Mode, the one thing that I like about the Burst Mode is it's wings of light effect.. But well +2000Yen for that effect is only a waste for me, so I choose the ordinary one..

Tsuki's style of Edit ^^; I tried to copy your GN-X effect

With standart beam rifle.

Arondight anti-ship sword, one of my fave weapon from Destiny Gundam..

Preparing to shoot...

High energy long range beam cannon.. another fave weapon from Destiny Gundam

I'm the MARINE!!!

I really want to make a wallpaper like B-mecha did (I already did the background but lost at the main model effect things, you should really teach me B-mecha hahaha...)

That's it..
Again I don't have a mini studio like some fellow blogger here, so I use a natural light (a.k.a sun) to cope up with my ordinary camera.. ^^;
Again some critics and comments from the expert is welcomed.. Since I'm still a n00b here.. huehehe.. :3

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4 PM and a bit cloudy


  1. Nah the pictures look great :D I also did my MG destiny with a straight build ^^ Frankly there is nothing much to complain or comment about MG looks so good straight out of the box!!!

  2. @chubbybots: yeah.. Destiny really an awesome gundam isn't it? thanks..

  3. I agree with you for full burst mode 2000 yen more for light effect -_-
    I really want buy MG destiny(normal or EBM I don't care) but if seed movie released destiny ver2 will haunt me ;_;

  4. lol nice effects~ XD

    your pic is good ^^ I wish I can take pic outside like you but my house is near a road.. step out a bit theres tons cars passing lolol

  5. @moemoe: hahaha.. yeah.. but still destiny is an awesome MS.. So if another upgrade appear I still not regret getting it..
    About the movie, maybe another type of gundam will apear :3

    @tsuki: hahaha.. thanks.. Actually I copied it from you.. Uhm.. it's taken at my 3rd floor (more like a roof for drying clothes) so it's relatively quiet.. The problem is the clothes itself.. >.<

  6. awesome straight build! i havent watched the series yet so havent seen him in action but he was one of the gundams that caught my attention long ago and made me consider getting back into gunpla lol

    with nice natural light and open space like that, you dont need a studio setup :P great shots!

  7. Damn, now i want one too :D you can never have enough of them

  8. @rocklee: thanks.. yeah.. but I also thought that I will use that setup for all of my gundam photo >.<, need to look another good place..
    Hahaha.. I'm poisoning someone now.. wohoo..

    @marzz: hohoho.. come to the dark side.. yeah.. one is never enough..

  9. Did not know Destiny look so nice out of the box,the Anti Ship sword really look nice,so does the cannon.

  10. @keionfan: sure it is, and MG sure different then the original.. Now I wonder about the Robot Damashi of the Destiny.. I think RD design is awesome, so I thought that RD Destiny will look awesome..

  11. Destiny is one of my favorite too :D
    For a straight build, I think its pretty nice and clean bro :D
    the photos are well taken too (but maybe you should add more pictures with more poses too :D)

  12. @h4mster: well, actually I want to take a pic for another gundam ehehe.. the next will be a... (question mark)

  13. somehow, I am more interested in destiny why.....

    Your fault mafty! CLETERRR!!

  14. @heathorn: hohoho.. get it.. get it.. hahaha...