Monday, April 25, 2011


At last.. it is finished..
before I would give many thanks to
1. Mevs, for giving me a lot of advice and tutorial about airbrushing, this is my first time painting gunpla, so I tend to make a lot of mistakes >.< (also lend me his airbrush tehehe)
2. Heathorn, for his advice about scratch building, this is my first time too doing modification and scratch building
3. Redmage, for his advice about painting gunpla (also for his challenge, if not for your challenge maybe I can't find this happiness modify a gunpla)
4. SuperPJ, for his advice about general equipment for modding
5. lastly Chubbybots, I asked a lot from you.. so many thanks..

and, here I go..

Name: RX-78GP-01HPM Ambrosius
Type: experimental high powered mobility multi-class mobile suit 
Modeler: MaftyNavue

2 x 60mm vulcan gun (fire-linked)
1 x "Ymir" Anti-ship Sword
1 x BOWA XBR-M82A beam rifle (optional for mid range operation)
1 x anti-beam coating "crusader" shield
    A.E.Blash XBR-SH-83d beam saber x 2 (attached to shield)

Following the war between EFSF and Republic of Zeon, Anaheim begin to
intensified research for a fast mobile suit that can travel in such a
manner at long distance. The idea is basically needed because the
warzone consists of large area of space. Minimalizing time travel
between each of warzone is one of the key to achieve victory.

After GP-01Fb destroyed by the GP-02A, Anaheim electronics
begin to salvage the remaining body and also to collect the data.
From the data given at GP01Fb salvage. GP-01Fb basically created
for domination in speed, acceleration, maneuverability at space. But
not in long range cruising. So, Anaheim decided to pour it's idea into
a new GP-01. A truly nightmare at speed.

GP-01HPM, Gundam Dual Vernian "Ambrosius" is created based from the
idea, using a new FF-XIV-Dv Dual Vernian Core Fighter system, the
Core fighter is attached into the backpack. Due to highly complicated
way to use the booster full potential, additional operator is needed
to operate the core booster.

The main idea of GP-01HPM Ambrosius is to full charge
at incredibly high speed towards enemy and then dominate them in close
combat attack, while still maintaining the energy capacity for the next
An anti-beam coating "crusader" shield also given to
utilizing GP-01HPM speed for distracting enemy formation, also 2 beam
saber attached at the shield for additional attack power.
An anti-ship sword "Ymir" also given to the GP-01 for ambushing the enemy

Domination at Speed, Mobility, Agility, Attack Power.
All of these elements makes GP-01HPM trully a worst opponent at space.
But this idea is scrapped because of the highly cost to produce a
single unit for this kind of MS and this unit would be giving a clearly
advantage for the EFSF army, and also Anaheim decided to approve
another project, the GP-04G Gerbera.

The new boxart.. Tehehe..

GP01R, R for Revise

The Core Fighter

GP01HPM, HPM for High Powered Mobility

Okay, as usual.. comments and critics are welcomed..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

WIP GP-01HPM Ambrosius #1

Well this is some progress for my latest work, the deadline is quite near. Actually it's already finished but minus painting. But I think I will add some details and make minor adjustment in the details, maybe shoulders.
But here is some photos of my WIP.

I give this kit some left over from MG Astray Red Frame, which is a dual knife from MG Astray Blue Frame mould, and give some ornaments at the left shoulder, but later on I decided to scrap it and put it to more useful than just ornaments.

I tried to scratch build for the first time using pla plates only and I think it's pretty hard to make the scratch build. I make the shoulders from pla plates only, later on I will try to use epoxy putty as some fellow blogger suggested me.

I decided to move on by making another scratch build for an anti-ship sword. I think this guy need some massive weaponry because he only has a limited weapon (beam rifle, vulcans, beam sabers, and dual knife). Basically the idea is to charge as fast as possible to the enemy headquarter (which usually a warship) and destroy it to disrupt the enemy, that's why I choose to add an anti-ship sword for him.

This time I surely give my thanks a lot to heathorn, he really help me. Check out his outstanding works at modeling gunpla, especially this.

For a first timer like me doing something like this really excites me, first time doing pla plates, first time modifying a gunpla, also first time using airbrush.

Lastly, this is maybe the color scheme that I will use for my GP-01HPM. Again critics and comments are really helpful for me. Tips and Tricks for handling pla plates also helpful for me. Thanks anyway.