Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Imoutou Workshop, 11 Dec 2011

Latest Workshop at Imoutou with some AGE exhibiton.

the event went out smoothly, thanks to Vandalier for the workshop, we got from basic (seamline removal, basic sanding, sprue removal) until a glimpse of shading (really-really a glimpse, you stingy! :D), hopefully this workshop will improve my basic and airbrushing for the next project ^_^

here is the FR at their website:
Imoutou Workshop

Here is my FR, sorry for the blurry pic, these are snapped from my phone camera :P
I forgot to bring my camera along..

Vandalier giving some basic tips when building gunplas

Variety of the HG 1/144 Age that showed to participants

Trying to do what the tutor said

Painting using airbrush

Well, not much actually because some of the FR at the Imoutou website was taken by me :D, so I forgot to take some of the pic for my own blog >.<

meanwhile the astray is nearly finished, so I decided to start new project. Actually it's already much in Progress, I'm going to make a WIP post about that too. But for now, here is the sneak peek:

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Gundam TV Series - Gundam Age

Well, obviously this is the new TV series of gundam.

Gundam Age

Already watched ep1 and 2, personally I think it's still good despite the character design more like rockman and digimon-styled character.
What surprised me is, we can see full episode 1 and 2 at youtube with english subtitle (official from Bandai too). I think Bandai truly in verge of gaining more young "follower" and spamming more HG AGE kit with more valuable price (around 1200 Yen, compared with HGUC which around 1800 Yen +)

So what do you think about this new gundam series?

You can see episode 1 and 2 here: (Youtube link, South East Asia Only)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tauburn Astray WIP #2

Next Update on Tauburn Astray.

26/07 - More Platting arrived from Research booster armor that updated on Astray Backpack.
This kind of booster is used for improved speed plus maintaining the mobile suit control while cruising or battling at high speed.

28/07 - More tail binders attached for maneuverability
and Strike Freedom-type Beam Rifle added for more extra power. Beam Rifle salvaged from Lacus-clyne faction prototype research department.

06/08 - Back view of the Tauburn Astray,
already tested. Progress looks good.

08/08 - Heavy advanced equipment for rifle power extension has arrived from the research department. Currently attached the equipment for the rifle. Also from the test result, more tail binders added for movement stabilization.

Currently Tauburn Astray commencing test run for today, a Junk Guild Engineer scheduled for testing this mobile suit.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Currently I'm working at this place

Maid Cafe and Workshop

So, maybe there are a lot of same material or review from my blog with my post there. :)

feel free to visit.

Imoutou is about maid cafe and gundam workshop at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
Basically we want to make a place for people to hone their skill at modelling.
Of course we also want to show people there that building gunpla is fun :)
We want to invite people to build more gunpla and enjoy together :D

If you at Surabaya, feel free to visit there :), See you there..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

MG Epyon EW Ver

This is supposedly my latest kit, but I decided to work on it first because it will become a review material for Surabaya Gathering this Saturday (30-07-2011).


Truly elegant yet deadly.
Actually I really wonder before.
We know that there are 2 different kinds of gundams from the W series. First will be from the TV series, Kunio Okawara version and the other is Katoki Hajime version aka Endless Waltz ver. (EW ver.). For Example:

We have Wing gundam and Wing Zero gundam from TV ver.
and common people say that from Endless Waltz OVA is Wing Zero Custom, which actually incorrect.
the OVA use Katoki design, hence the actual name of this gundam would be Wing Zero EW ver (which has a wing in it).
So there are actually 2 design of each gundam at W series,
- Wing TV ver -> Wing Zero TV ver // Wing ver Ka (Wing Zero EW ver) -> Wing Zero EW ver (Wing Zero Custom)
- Deathscythe TV ver -> Deathscythe Hell TV ver // Deathscythe EW ver -> Deathscythe Hell EW Ver

etc with the exception
- Shenlong TV ver -> Altron // Shenlong EW ver -> Nataku (but Wufei called all his gundam Nataku anyway)

If you want to know about the models, you can visit mahq for database, they have the TV and EW ver.
Tallgeese I and Tallgeese II would be for TV
and Tallgeese III would be for the OVA

Now the question is, Is there possible to have Epyon EW ver? Katoki never designed the other mecha besides the main mecha in the W series after all. But surely at that time I really want to see his design about Epyon since I'm a big fan of Katoki's design.

But now Bandai already fulfilled my wish..
Beyond is MG Eypon EW ver aka MG Epyon ver Ka which is trully a masterpiece.

Heat Rod retracable, quite sturdy but easy to manipulate because of the weight.

The main feature of this MG, retractable wings. Unlike the Kunio ver, Katoki ver's Epyon has a retractable wings which is very cool (only with one push). But do really careful when retracting the wings :p

Front and Rear view of the almighty Epyon. It's wings really massive.

Epyon's beam saber has cable that supply energy from it's body

Epyon's Mobile Armor (MA) version, a twin headed dragon

It has mouth too, which is kinda cute for me :3

Long tail is loooooonnngggggggg.

Weird look from this angle.. :3

and, ta-da.. Recreating Wing Zero EW ver VS Epyon EW ver

I really anticipated this kit very very long ago. I really like EW series because of their similarity with animals. So do you have Epyon too?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Real Grade Gundam Giveaway by Gundammodelkits.com

This is surely an exciting news.
Guys, feel free to join, who knows you will be the winner? :D

Gundammodelkits.com give a gundam giveaway quiz, which the question is really simple..


for the prize,
it's your choice of the available Real Grade (2,500 Yen)

for more information, please visit their web at here

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surabaya Gath 2011 ~ 11th June 2011

This is mostly all of the FR that the first gathering in Surabaya. (thanks to Kairi and SuperPJ for the FR)

first of all, having lunch is a must for all of us, well not many of the participant has come at that moment,

Some of the kit.

Kierra's dom is very awesome indeed.

PJ's Saku harassing a PEST

Mevs's Acguy want to start writing

The participant.

The workshop.

And, the anime cosplay competition nearby.

Hopefully you can enjoy it all :D