Monday, March 22, 2010

Gunpla Wallpaper - 00 Series #1 ~ Exia

Sorry for not updating so frequent due to work.. sigh, actually already have some materials for the next post but don't have time to upload it [slow internet is kinda a problem here].

but well this is some minor update..

I change my style of wallpaper into some bright one.. [the two others were dark right? ehehe..]
this time is inspired from composite Lancelot Albion ver Ka promotional banner hahaha... Also I kept rocklee advice, I smoothed the text edges ahahaha.. and h4mster advice for the ehm.. desktop icon "nesting" place ehehe..

well here it is.. this time is 1600x1200 ver.. feel free to grab it if you like ^^; and don't forget about the comments and critics [they are really very helpful for me]

Okay Edited, this time is not GN Particle System but GN Drive System hehehe..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MG Exia Straight Build

My newest MG but this is really a Straight build, haven't finished it yet with the final touch up, decals, some miss-panel lining, etc.. but here it is.. The weather isn't really nice in my country so this is my only chance and even can't take lots of photos.. the other reason is because of one thing that keep always distracting me right now ehehe..

Standby stance... It's GN Shield really the main point there.

With one of it's sword..

Close up shot.

With a GN Beam Saber and GN Beam Dagger.

GN Sword slashing style.

GN Beam Pistol attached to GN Sword, the only ranged weapon for Exia.

Exia's main power source GN Drive.

Exia really awesome at detail but lots of problems.. the beam saber and dagger connection are pretty loose, GN Sword is too heavy to pose (not handle but pose it), GN Drive is easy to be pushed away inside >.< and the last problem is despite it's a melee gundam it can't stand in the ground properly, but! with a proper weight proportion in can do like the one that I took above. Still it's awesome and worthed to collect.

So that's it it's really a hasty project.. well gonna accomplished it in near future ehehehe..
some of you might now what makes me "away" from gunplas this time.. ehehe.. yep this is the main source

ehehehe.. yep it's Star Ocean 4 ehehe..

object : MG 1/100 GN-001 Exia Gundam
approx time : 50 minutes (due to unknown weather)
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and cloudy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Late Chinese New Year Loot

Hahaha.. well it's already late..
I ordered this since Chinese New Year at February (The Exia is even from last year)
but I got it around late February (around 28th)
so here it's is my loot..

- 1/100 MG Exia: a good kit with a lot of problems.. but the kit's design and detail easily overcomes the problems
- SquareEnix Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope: well I really like this game, not only the story and the gameplay.. (Reimi!!!) uhm.. the graphic and the OST also ahaha..

Well that's is my loot, can't hold the temptation anymore so I already built the Exia ahahaha...
The decal isn't ready.. But maybe I can't hold anymore to take a pic about that beautiful kit ehehe..
a truly straight build then ehehe...