Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MG Deathscythe Hell OVA ver possibility?

This is my believe, either it's true or not but yesterday at ngee blog, I saw this post.. Kinda makes me happy, but also reminds me that I need to hunt the MG Wing Zero OVA ver.. I haven't got that kit yet, and it's the last kit on my wish list [after Fullcloth which already accomplished in the past two months]

MG Deathscythe ver Ka [well I will keep naming this MG is ver Ka, although EW ver is true also..] really awesome, simple yet deadly, especially the beam scythe and the beam for it's shield.. I'm already fall in love with this kit, but alas, I should wait for the main character.. Deathscythe Hell OVA ver.. I believe this kit will come out sooner or later..

MG Deathscythe Hell possibility? I really need to look out for MG Wing Zero >.<
And how about the next MG from Endless Waltz? Definitely will look forward for MG HeavyArms OVA ver, MG Sandrock OVA ver, and MG Nataku, while it seems that MG HeavyArms ver Ka, Sandrock ver Ka, and Shenlong ver Ka are already planned. What do you think guys?

Monday, August 9, 2010

MG Astray Red Frame Kai Straight Build

One of the masterpiece of MG.. Astray Red Frame Kai. This kit really have a high value..
1. Cool design with more like traditional japanese style
2. Great articulation
3. Lot's of pose can be done
4. Dual *bling-bling* Katana with each name engraved on it.. [Gerbera straight and Tiger Pierce]
5. Lot's of Mode for the tactical arms backpack [archer mode, worker mode, delta mode, W mode, sword mode, etc]
6. *Optional, if you have astray blue frame, you can borrow the backpack connector and voila.. you can make a lots of combination, for me is Aile Red Frame and Force Red Frame..

As I said for the previous post, this time I try to make a theme photo... Well combining my two hobbies at once [time efficiency eh? hehehe..] Gunpla and photography, so I decided to decrease the number of the gunpla pose and more emphasizing my time for the photos..

object : MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and Bright

This is an extra photos taken from a DSLR that I borrowed from my friend.. I think after this I will hunt some DSLR ehehe...

object : MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
approx time : 25 minutes
camera : Nikkon D60
lens : AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and Shiny

Again, still need to try a Canon DSLR. I need to know and feel by myself Nikkon and Canon difference..