Friday, November 20, 2009

Testing First Post

Hi, everyone..
I started out a blog after see some of my friends started out their blog earlier than me.
At first I did't know what to do with a blog so I didn't make one that time until I know lately that one of the blog function is to share our interests with friends, readers, etc which also have the same interests with us.. keeping us informed also keeping us in touch with each others..

well not by long I will start my blog..
I think I will pick anime, gunpla, games, Japanese songs, foods theme, because it's my favorite
things.. maybe a bit of share of photography and movies comments.. (I like watch movies but rarely to do so ^^;)

welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice visit :3

PS: Images Gundam and ManaKhemia2 is from their respectives owner

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