Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Imoutou Workshop, 11 Dec 2011

Latest Workshop at Imoutou with some AGE exhibiton.

the event went out smoothly, thanks to Vandalier for the workshop, we got from basic (seamline removal, basic sanding, sprue removal) until a glimpse of shading (really-really a glimpse, you stingy! :D), hopefully this workshop will improve my basic and airbrushing for the next project ^_^

here is the FR at their website:
Imoutou Workshop

Here is my FR, sorry for the blurry pic, these are snapped from my phone camera :P
I forgot to bring my camera along..

Vandalier giving some basic tips when building gunplas

Variety of the HG 1/144 Age that showed to participants

Trying to do what the tutor said

Painting using airbrush

Well, not much actually because some of the FR at the Imoutou website was taken by me :D, so I forgot to take some of the pic for my own blog >.<

meanwhile the astray is nearly finished, so I decided to start new project. Actually it's already much in Progress, I'm going to make a WIP post about that too. But for now, here is the sneak peek: