Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tauburn Astray WIP #1

The first project for this astray is of course snap-fitting.
And, done..

I still confuse what will I do for this astray. First thing first I decided to scrap the katana, then I decided to mod a little the twin beam sabers. Astray beam sabers are unique in term of design so I decided to make us of it.
Second, I think about modifying the shoulders, legs, and body, but until now I still haven't any blueprint design about it, well actually the shoulders right now are finished (will take another pic later), but for the body and legs it's still blank.
Lastly is the backpack system, currently testing how to use with 1mm pla plates and also epoxy putty and putty. Hopefully are running well.

Meanwhile, I decided to get my first nendo this month. Dunno what come into me, I saw this cute girl just standing in the display stand. And what happened later is, this girl is inside my house right now ^^;.
I choose Haruhi Disappearance ver because of two things. First I'm very attracted with her "unique" personality, and second the Disappearance ver has a long hair (I prefer long hair ^^; but you also get the shorter hair ver too inside the box) and rather exclusive style of uniform (well she is in the elite school this time)

Long hair and a rather cute expression eh?

Still don't want to unbox yet. Dunno why it seems very sacred for me >.< (maybe it's the first eh?)
What do you do with your first nendo?
Unbox when you get home?
Unbox with your friends?
Unbox when the time is right? (dunno when ^^;)
or rather Don't want to unbox it?

Oh, btw I updated some of Mission Warfare Departement (added some missions) feel free to visit there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Reports From Mobile Suit Factory Department

The first mobile suit construction for this factory is,
MBF-02χ Tauburn Astray

Everything under it still be classified right now.
It should be for Prototype General-Purpose Mobile Suit, which can adapt at many situation needed.

The equipments, machines, also drones are completed for this prototype project

The research facility already found a new materials for making the Astray far powerful than the Z.A.F.T Gouf, this will make ORB power superiority will be recognized again.

Stay tuned.

A Little Bit of Change

Greetings everyone,

Under Construction

after some thought, and saw some dedication from my fellow blogger (and their blogs off course, you all can see at my blogroll)
I decided to change the way I blog. I'm going to put a theme into my blog, personally I like a fantasy, science-fiction themed style. A little change, so probably I'm gonna give my post title, post page name, etc etc in that manner, and I'm adding more pages this time (still currently study how the page system work). Hopefully all of you can enjoy my new way of blogging.. ^^;

well I'm already testing at some of the new page right now tehehe..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gentlemen! Start Your Wallet!

Gentlemen, We have a situation here..

A lot of newly Gunpla product are on the way to attack us..

MG 00 Raiser (what do you expect? it's already in this month), damage 6,500 Yen ~ (May, 29th, 2011)

MG Epyon EW ver (basically it's ver Ka because EW ver designed by Katoki Hajime, since I'm a fan of his works, so this is already a must), damage 4,800 Yen ~ (Jun 2011)

MG Delta Plus (Speechless, this guy is out when the time isn't right. Still wondering will I get this or not..), damage 4,500 Yen ~ (Aug 2011)

SD Wing EW Ver (Well this is the best SD in my opinion), damage 840 Yen ~ (Jun 2011)

Now, all of the participant has arrive, which one will you choose? Or do you decide to take them all?
Personally because I'm already POen 00 raiser and Epyon, so what left is Delta Plus and the little wing ones..
Gotta work more harder eh?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulation for the Winner

Congratulation for the Winner of Redmage's Online Challenge Competition

1st position – Zabanya Assault By Vixion

2nd position – Saku Char Aznable Custom by SuperPJ

3rd position – NZ-666G Israfel By Severus

4th position – Commander Panty by Heathorn

5th Position – Duel Assault Buster by Lazuardism

more of their photos can be seen at

or at

for me, that I can enter that competition is already a good progress, really fun as it's my first competition..