Thursday, February 18, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Straight Build

The latest SEED Destiny series gunpla that I bought.. around last year..
Many dislikes this model.. maybe of the "pink-ish" color. Personally I like Justice model.. and Infinite Justice too.. One of Athurn gundam's mark is a "horn" in it's face.. Like in Aegis, Justice, Saviour, and Infinite Justice all have that "horn" and more over Justice have an unique flight unit backpack, and have a lot of weapon gimmicks like beam boomerang, an grapple-stinger, lots of beam sabers and variations, and it's Hyper-Fortis beam cannon for a powerful  middle range attack.
a very tactical yet powerful gundam for short-middle ranged operation, (while Strike Freedom is more a middle-long ranged and Destiny is an all-rounder)

Let's see the Infinite Justice..

This is becoming more and more like a habit to me, again thanks to Tsuki

A Shooting stance with high energy beam rifle

Asuran zala! Nerai utsu!! (whoops.. wrong quote)

Slicing an enemy with dual beam sabers

With the dual beam sabers combined and the boomerang mounted on the shield

Ready to throw the boomerang

different angle with the shoot..

shield is one main focus of Infinite Justice cause of it's multipurpose role

First : that shield have a beam boomerang attached: throw or stab

Second : it can be used for grapple too

Third : of course a shield is for defend or guard

Kiraaaaaaa ~!!!

The lesson this time is.. Remember to study your own camera.. When I took the photos the weather is cloudy.. and I forgot to set my camera to take photos at cloudy.. (I remembered when I took some last photos). Anyone here like Infinite Justice?

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam
approx time : 40 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 5 PM and cloudy


  1. Argh....damn my 40 kits stash...this might be my number 41.....

    Nice shots even when it is cloudy man :D

  2. @chubbybots: thanks chubbs.. hahaha.. Just want to promote this guy.. lately lot of people dislike this guy, but I dunno why?

  3. IJ is nice, I like all the beam weapons, he can even do a beam kick ^^
    but I still prefer aegis. A MG aegis will be super nice!

  4. @heathorn: hahaha.. I know it after I saw your NG Aegis.. Well Aegis seems okay to me, but I Saviour is not bad either..

  5. I like Infinite Justice too,so many beam weapon and owned Destiny at the last episode.

  6. @keionfan: yeah.. that guy is badass when coming to a melee range battle.. beam sabers, boomerang, grapple, etc hahaha...

  7. another straight builder like me but at least you put decals ^^;;

  8. @moemoe: a straight build is a straight build with or w/o decals.. no excuse >.<