Thursday, July 28, 2011

MG Epyon EW Ver

This is supposedly my latest kit, but I decided to work on it first because it will become a review material for Surabaya Gathering this Saturday (30-07-2011).


Truly elegant yet deadly.
Actually I really wonder before.
We know that there are 2 different kinds of gundams from the W series. First will be from the TV series, Kunio Okawara version and the other is Katoki Hajime version aka Endless Waltz ver. (EW ver.). For Example:

We have Wing gundam and Wing Zero gundam from TV ver.
and common people say that from Endless Waltz OVA is Wing Zero Custom, which actually incorrect.
the OVA use Katoki design, hence the actual name of this gundam would be Wing Zero EW ver (which has a wing in it).
So there are actually 2 design of each gundam at W series,
- Wing TV ver -> Wing Zero TV ver // Wing ver Ka (Wing Zero EW ver) -> Wing Zero EW ver (Wing Zero Custom)
- Deathscythe TV ver -> Deathscythe Hell TV ver // Deathscythe EW ver -> Deathscythe Hell EW Ver

etc with the exception
- Shenlong TV ver -> Altron // Shenlong EW ver -> Nataku (but Wufei called all his gundam Nataku anyway)

If you want to know about the models, you can visit mahq for database, they have the TV and EW ver.
Tallgeese I and Tallgeese II would be for TV
and Tallgeese III would be for the OVA

Now the question is, Is there possible to have Epyon EW ver? Katoki never designed the other mecha besides the main mecha in the W series after all. But surely at that time I really want to see his design about Epyon since I'm a big fan of Katoki's design.

But now Bandai already fulfilled my wish..
Beyond is MG Eypon EW ver aka MG Epyon ver Ka which is trully a masterpiece.

Heat Rod retracable, quite sturdy but easy to manipulate because of the weight.

The main feature of this MG, retractable wings. Unlike the Kunio ver, Katoki ver's Epyon has a retractable wings which is very cool (only with one push). But do really careful when retracting the wings :p

Front and Rear view of the almighty Epyon. It's wings really massive.

Epyon's beam saber has cable that supply energy from it's body

Epyon's Mobile Armor (MA) version, a twin headed dragon

It has mouth too, which is kinda cute for me :3

Long tail is loooooonnngggggggg.

Weird look from this angle.. :3

and, ta-da.. Recreating Wing Zero EW ver VS Epyon EW ver

I really anticipated this kit very very long ago. I really like EW series because of their similarity with animals. So do you have Epyon too?


  1. I always knew that the KA ver of Epyon is a lot more better than the original. =D

    And the angle from the back in MA mode is... =_=

    And the last picture, one word - epic.

  2. it's been a long time since im been here. ^^
    Epyon is an elegant gundam which in par with wing zero ew.

  3. The retractable wings is really interesting!

  4. @Bd: woah.. hi BD...

    yup.. I forgot, but I think that pose is familiar... hmmm...

    @sl619: thanks :D
    yep really elegant.

    @Gundam Gunso: yep, really interesting indeed :D

  5. Considering that this series is first published in 1995, I think the wait would be around... 15 years??? Wow. :D

  6. @canopy: yep, now let's see what about V2AB. Hahaha..

  7. @matynafsue
    bagus banget mafty, foto n pose ny bikin pingin!!
    tp klo buat review mestinya lebih byk lg fotonya, huehuehue

  8. I'm not yet having an Epyon..but this MG version of it really makes me want to have one

  9. @heathorn: thanks heat, hmm kebiasaan foto dikit, memang harus banyak yah kalo review? hahaha...
    itu alteisen'nya jg ganteng kok :D

    @hamster: Really worthed ham.. Beautiful yet elegant

  10. Looks nice... the photo with "weird look" - I like it!!!!

  11. The first shot is really amazing! i didn't think the no grade version of the heat rod would have such good articulation.

    By the way can i add your blog into my blog's blogroll?

  12. I don't own one but its very tempting but I dislike the part where most of the wing kits need you to purchase a display stand to take advantage of its feature since the series is WING XD

  13. Correction, Gundam Epiyon DID NOT appear in the Endless Waltz Ova, rather, this kit is a remake design by Katoki Hajime, the guy who's been redesigning the original Gundam designs from the animated series of Gundam Wing. The EW stands for the "Endless Waltz" Ova that was supposed to take place after the animated TV series timeline where the Gundams were heavily modified. The original design concept of the Gundams were based on the TV series version which was done by none other than Mr. Katoki himself, but the editors wanted a darker themed mechs for the ova, so the brightly colored Gundam designs were scrapped and the darker, dull themed Gundams emerged (minus the Epiyon). The first of the Ver Ka (yes, the "Ka" stands for "Katoki" the gundam designer not some side story) that was ever produced was with Wing Zero custom which was labeled 'Ver Ka' and was specially produced by Mr. Katoki Himself.

    My point is, this should be called a "Ver. Ka" not EW.