Friday, April 2, 2010

MG Wishlist MS Survey [EDITED]

This is for celebrating their Gunpla 30th anniversary, Bandai decided to make a survey and they said they will consider it to a MG which I doubt it ^^; but then again I guess we should give it a try right?

This is the list.. taken from ngeekhiong blogs

  1. The O --- "Gundam Zeta"
  2. Psycho Gundam (O_O) --- "Gundam Zeta"
  3. Baund Doc --- "Gundam Zeta"
  4. Marasai --- "Gundam Zeta"
  5. Doven Wolf --- "Gundam Double Zeta"
  6. Dreissen --- "Gundam Double Zeta"
  7. Turn X --- "Turn A Gundam"
  8. V2 Gundam --- "Victory Gundam"
  9. Gundam Double X --- "Gundam X"
  10. Gundam Virsago --- "Gundam X"
  11. Nobel Gundam --- "G Gundam"
  12. Gundam Deathscythe --- "Gundam W"
  13. Gundam Heavyarms --- "Gundam W"
  14. Gundam Sandrock --- "Gundam W"
  15. Shenlong Gundam --- "Gundam W"
  16. Gundam Epyon --- "Gundam W"
  17. Tallgeese --- "Gundam W"
  18. Legend Gundam --- "Gundam SEED Destiny"
  19. Akatsuki Gundam --- "Gundam SEED Destiny"
  20. 00 Raiser --- "Gundam Double O"
  21. Cherudim Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  22. Arios Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  23. Seravee Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  24. Reborns Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  25. Susanowo --- "Gundam Double O"
  26. Arche Gundam --- "Gundam Double O"
  27. Kshatriya --- "Gundam UC"
  28. ReZEL --- "Gundam UC"
  29. Stark Jegan --- "Gundam UC"
  30. Geara Zulu --- "Gundam UC"
  31. Others

You can vote for 3 MS and use other to type the other MS you want to be a MG and I think Others probability is low compared to the listed MS. This is the link..

Well want to try become like moe sometimes hehe.. so I will put my opinion about this..
I think this is already a list for Bandai for their MG production, so I believe they already have all of the blue prints. So the vote is only a consideration which one will out first and scrap it if they didn't have enough audience.
I vote too for V2, Legend, and ReZEL, though the others are nice too..

I choose V2 because I want to collect all of the "minis" MG, I have F91 and still waiting for my crossbone to come, so V2 will complete the "minis" collection tehehe..
I choose Legend because I kinda like the design and color.. I prefer Legend's design over the Providence despite it's just a copy from Providence..
And for the last because Unicorn is in season right now MG ReZEL would be suitable, though I regret my vote cause it's a transformable MS. [Transformable = A Pain Collection]
Actually tempted to pick others for Throne Zwei [opted for ReZEL instead of this because like I said, Others will have a low probability]. And here some UC gunplas in scale 1/100 maybe MG quality. I forgot where I got this photos, but I got this before MG Sinanju announced.

A Delta Plus possible MG??

Even MG Kshatriya??

A geara doga Angel Sauper's custom MG?

A possible MG of Rozen Zulu taken from Dengeki Hobby

Rozen Zulu backpack similar with Sinanju

Not going into Kshatriya because of it will be too pricy.. 12,000Yen?? or maybe 15,000Yen?? OMG!!
how about my MS? RX105 too is a large MS, so I will skip him [nuoooo...]
I'm not voting into 00 raiser and Reborns because, I have a hunch they will come out soon regardless the vote hahaha.. Strangely DX didn't affect me much [I like it, but dunno why I'm not tempted to pick it]
Doven wolf is nice, but no for me because I didn't collect Z and ZZ series..
I think V2 or 00 raiser will likely win this, a lot of people vote for them. But I guess we should wait it right? if Bandai true will make a MG out for people vote..
So what about you guys?


  1. @ZD: well actually a lot in my mind.. Xi is there, but I think opted for others is unwise because of even smaller chance to be make, besides Xi is too huge ZD.. hahaha.. it's not your overall sized Gundam.

  2. you forgot to place the link? Somehow I think Rezel have lot of supporter.

  3. @Leon: orz.. hahaha.. will edit it tomorrow, and also maybe adding some pic, I feel uneasy looking a post without a pic hahaha... btw thanks leon..
    yeah but I still afraid of the infamous problem of transformed MS..

  4. Likewise here, I went for V2, with the other 2 going to Epyon and Turn X. Wanted to add Tallgeese too but they only allowed 3 :(

  5. Didn't bother voting for 00 either, since it's a foregone conclusion that it'll get a MG anyway regardless of the number of votes it gets. xD

    I forgot to vote for Reborns *gasp* My friend would love a Reborns. Totally forgot about the Thrones too. >_< Can't remember exactly what I voted for, but one of my options was Epyon, I think.

  6. XI,penelope,crossbone X2 and X3 :D

  7. @Jacques: yeah V2 hehe.. Turn X will come jacques.. maybe for MG200th?

    @Eva: wow.. I thought you will vote 00 hahaha.. But yeah reborns is nice too, and actually Epyon has a lot of supporter too..

    @moe: hey!! hahaha.. that's cheap moe!! Xi and Penelope will probably go to HGUC, while X2 and X3 hmm... maybe haha..

  8. I voted for Heavyarms, Arios and Tallgeese.

    well I was gonna go with susnowoo, except tallgeese is the better out of the personalized grunt customs, no matter what the technology time span between them

    Oh yeah added MG Destory and Astray w/ powerloader

  9. I vote for MG 00, Nobel, and Akatsuki.
    Still wondering how much will MG Akatsuki costs LOL.

    by the way, I'm moving to new site, please update my link in blogroll, sorry for that and thanks.

  10. @GunStray: woah.. Heavyarms and Tallgeese are a nice choice.. I'm more into Heavyarms [endless waltz ver]
    orz at MG Destroy.. hahaha.. thinking about how big it is..

    @Divine: whoops sorry about that.. I forgot to change.. hahahha... Yeah.. da*n you for having a DSLR camera!!

    don't worry divine Akatsuki will still cheaper then Kshatriya hahaha.. or even Psycho..

  11. vote for turn X, geara zulu, epyon
    though I only watch a few episodes of Turn A, I think turn X has a unique design.

  12. I vote for the remaining 3 mgs from gundam wing :D Sandrock, heavyarms and deathscythe!

  13. I vote for Legend since its one of the four main suit left from Destiny,but also want see what Bandai can do for the backpack inner frame,Arios just like the design and the NG have a smooth transformation,Cherudim since it kickass in the Anime ^^ and like other say 00 will surely have MG like what Bandai did to Red Frame =X

  14. @chubbybots: what about shenlong??

    @keionfan: yep agree hahaha...

  15. Hope it is not MG Khsatrya is simply too big :D I vote for Arios, Stark Jegan, and Susanowo :D

  16. @mafty we move our chat here

  17. 1st.... I go for 1/100 MG Kshatriya,as big as Sazabi.... then 2nd.... 1/100 Geara Zulu, hope they will include Geara Zulu (Guard Custom) and reproduction of AMS-119 Geara Doga.... Lastly, 3rd.... 1/100 MG Marasai, same like the Zaku II.... Hopefully they produce 1/100 Slash Zaku, & 1/100 Zaku Gouf Ignited in Gundam Seed series... Hope it reach Bandai....