Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MG Wing Zero (Endless Waltz Ver) Straight Build

The last wish list of my MG, MG Wing Zero Endless Waltz ver aka Wing Zero Custom aka Wing Zero Ver Ka (well all of the is true).
And at last.. I already got it te-he-he..

First impression, this kit really good for photo session. orz.. only for photo session, I dunno why, but maybe this is an older kit, I really accustomed built the newer MG, maybe if you make this kit at this kit early year it was released, you won't complain about it.

Magnificent face isn't it?
But I have to admit that the wings portion (which I really aware of from the first time) is quite sturdy, and isn't easily loose (well I have this kit in SD and my friend also has this kit in HG and 1/100, they have the same problems, wings joint). So wings isn't the main problem here..

Let's start with the complain first..
1. Weird arm articulation (you can rotate the arm in a position which a mere human can't do except he/she is infected with alien ^_^)
2. Hard to maintain the position of the buster rifle with the hand, because the hand doesn't have a lock like the newer MG series, so the buster rifle position is always off (because of the buster length it's hard to maintain the balance for a real robot -> the handle is really small, but the length is long, fortunately for this guy he is almost like a super robot but only at the OVA, but it's still a problem for the kit >.<)
3. The awesomeness of the gattling gun at the body can't be fully shown.. Because of it's "Ear", it can't be lifted really well, but not only because of the "Ear", but the gattling gun mechanism itself isn't good either..

As usual, only straight build, so a lot of nub marks, I will smooth it when I have time >.<

I want to edit this to an ACE:R interface later
Well as I said earlier, this kit really a good at photography...
as an object hahaha.. Contrary to the complain earlier I don't have any regret for buying this kit, This kit really has a different feel than Destiny or Hi-nu, while a lot of mecha usually has a "cool" and "sturdy" feel, this kit has a elegant feel (I think because of it's wings and color scheme).

Long shoot~
Beam Saber in Action
Added some effect at the beam saber ^^;
For documentary session
For the photo above, I want to make some Encyclopedia based on the MG that I have. I'm still thinking about the concept right now, but I think it will looks like the above picture with additional infos (I want to make it like a photo album). Anyone have opinions about this?

Another Pose

Wing vs Angelg, who will win?

Try to do some fun ^^;

The Original pic, before I messed it up

Another iconic pose for the Wing Zero Custom

One is enough (buster rifle)
The conclusion about this kit is, If you really want this kit, you should buy this.. This kit really can make all of your visitor (especially man who likes mecha) drool..

object : MG 1/100 Wing Zero (Endless Waltz ver)
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 11.00 AM and Cloudy