Thursday, February 25, 2010

MG F91 Straight Build

At last.. one of my fave Gundam.. Gundam F91 and one of my fave pilot: Seabook Arno or Kincaid Nau (Kinkendo Nau), cool yet calm when doing battle.. a powerful newtype and has a great analysis skill in battle.
This is the "nendo" version of MG.. quite small in size but awesome at detail..
My first MG produced by SNRI (Strategic Naval Research Institute) and this is a multipurpose mobile suit. good at short range, middle range, and even long range with awesome mobility..

two revolutionary technologies are the main point of this gundam. After some anaheim products which have a Psycommu system. This gundam have a bio-computer system, which is really a "plus" for this MS, a direct link between the pilot with the MS which similar with Psycommu system except it's reversed, the positive way is newtype isn't needed to use bio-computer, which later used at XM-X1 Crossbone (a.k.a F97) too..

the second is Variable Speed Beam Rifle (VSBR). This is the most powerful type of beam because the user can adjust the beam output whenever he want a wider beam and powerful damage or more to focused high-speed shots to penetrate armor (like railgun principles)

Gundam F91

A standard beam rifle

Standing by pose..

Box art replica style

One VSBR used

Twin VSBR deployed and ready to fire

Another angle for Twin VSBR

Sword and Shield style..

F91 inspiration is from Greece Phalanx, so this is what Phalanx formation usually used

More Phalanx formation in ground

The most distinctive features of F91 are it's heat sinks.. There are lots of them.. And it's strange looking booster.. It's like a fan. Well enough about the gundam, now for the kit itself. It's actually awesome, but I really disappointed about the fingers joint.. it's pretty small and easy to break if not carefully handled.. And the non-PVC kit makes me afraid to use it articulation (*squeaky sounds). But it's still a good kit..

object : MG 1/100 F91 Gundam
approx time : 20 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 5.30 PM and cloudy


  1. Um, haven;t watched F91, seems nice, will try to find this movie.

    Now that's better for your health bro, no more terik matahari :D

  2. @heathorn: ahahaha.. yeah.. this time I'm looking forward for a cloudy and around 4-5PM.. I think it's not bad eh? hehehe..
    yup F91 is nice.. and if you follow it with Crossbone that would be awesome..

  3. F91 sure nice...but still cant find one...

    what i found before are 1/100 F90 and they are bootleg..^^;;

  4. @Zoidiect: woot.. a bootleg F90.. ahahaha..
    well it's pretty rare.. really.. lots of people like it but few that bought it.. that's why it become rare..

  5. I still love F91 design till today. GOod one!

  6. @LEon: yeah.. Indeed it's awesome >.<..
    I really fall in love with it..

    the next would be it's successor F97 ^_^

  7. Oh an MG Nendo nice *_*!!!

    Haha I watched F91 a long time back. Was quite good in my opinion ^^ Seeing F91 go hypermode was intense!! Plus the picture turn out very nice! Stick to after 5.30 pm for best lighting :D

  8. really nice job on this guy, i havent seen this series yet but these shots are making him very appealing. lol nendo version? he must be tiny :P
    great conditions for a photo session ^^

  9. @moemoe: sure ahahaha, he's coming already..

    @chubbs: yeah.. 4.00 until 5.30 is best I think chubbs.. yep.. agree F91 is awesome.. Already read it's next story chubbs?

    @rocklee: thanks, hahaha.. yeah he is tiny rocklee, his height is around HG 1/144 Sazabi, but remember he is MG1/100

  10. Hmm F91 is one of those gundam kits that make you wanna get it even if you have not watch the Anime.

  11. @keionfan: yep.. Awesome isn't it..
    I dunno why.. but I really fall in love at first sight with F91.. ahaha...

  12. what's that action stand?
    only know F91 from the ost.

    btw, I thought I have commented here before?
    or maybe the openID error...

  13. @divine: maybe ahaha..
    it's the cockpit of XMA-01 Rafflesia, Crossbone Vanguard MA piloted by Carozzo Ronah..
    F91 Nemesis..
    actually have some "tentacle" too.. but I don't want to use it >.<