Monday, August 9, 2010

MG Astray Red Frame Kai Straight Build

One of the masterpiece of MG.. Astray Red Frame Kai. This kit really have a high value..
1. Cool design with more like traditional japanese style
2. Great articulation
3. Lot's of pose can be done
4. Dual *bling-bling* Katana with each name engraved on it.. [Gerbera straight and Tiger Pierce]
5. Lot's of Mode for the tactical arms backpack [archer mode, worker mode, delta mode, W mode, sword mode, etc]
6. *Optional, if you have astray blue frame, you can borrow the backpack connector and voila.. you can make a lots of combination, for me is Aile Red Frame and Force Red Frame..

As I said for the previous post, this time I try to make a theme photo... Well combining my two hobbies at once [time efficiency eh? hehehe..] Gunpla and photography, so I decided to decrease the number of the gunpla pose and more emphasizing my time for the photos..

object : MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and Bright

This is an extra photos taken from a DSLR that I borrowed from my friend.. I think after this I will hunt some DSLR ehehe...

object : MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame Kai
approx time : 25 minutes
camera : Nikkon D60
lens : AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and Shiny

Again, still need to try a Canon DSLR. I need to know and feel by myself Nikkon and Canon difference..


  1. nice job combining the hobbies, definitely a cool kit and wouldnt mind seeing you work in some close up shots in the future ^^ i like the location you shot at too, tile roof and katana seems fitting lol

  2. Whoa, DSLR....major hardware upgrades man! I got to love the rooftop shots :P Somehow I can see redframe jumping from roof to roof like a ninja!

  3. MG Red Frame :D waiting for sales then i'll get one.

    Try to play with different lens. A pancake 55mm f 1.8 lens is cheap and handle for toys photography. Camera did very little for the photo. setup, lens are more important (and cheaper for upgrade).

  4. @rocklee: thanks, whoa.. never thought it would look good..
    yeah, actually want to do some close up shots with the DSLR but it seems the lens is the problem >.<

    @chubbs: >.< it's still a loan chubbs, I borrowed it from my friend, but I do hope I can buy a dslr this year tehehe..
    actually want to do some pose at the roof, but you know what will happen if some strong wind blew.. T_T

    @BeeMecha: woah really? for how much bee? yeah lens is the most important part, btw bee, do you know which lens is for macro?

  5. You took some of the photos on top of roofs? Imagine.... A strong wind blows, and the Red Frame drops to the ground.... That won't be pretty. :D

  6. It's interesting that u can attached that Force Impulse back pack onto the Red Frame... brilliant.... maybe I should copy your idea... hehehehe....

    nice work man....

  7. By the way, about Canon and Nikon differences... actually both brand are excellent - basically they are Number 1 and Number 2... These 2 have the biggest followers in DSLR market, so you can't go wrong either way.

    Though it has to be said that Canon price is slightly higher than Nikon price - again this is also depending on the particular equipment and tools you are looking at.... and I heard that some also mentioned Nikon camera is slightly heavier than Canon (comparison within the same class)... then again, I'm not sure about this as I never touched Nikon before.

    Probably the only differences you might see is the operating/handling and maybe those buttons and menu layout....

    And since you don't have any DSLR yet, you are free to choose between Canon and Nikon.

    I personally prefer Canon simply bcoz I used Canon EOS 1000D last time and just like that, I love Canon...

    Again, you can't go wrong with either Canon or Nikon.

    Good luck and I hope you can get the best camera that suits you....

  8. @Marzz: that's why hahaha.. a little bit risky this time.. so I can't pose much at the roof >.<

    @DJS: hahaha.. yep, don't forget Aile Strike is also a compatible backpack..

    woah thanks.. I use a Canon digital camera at this time, so I more used to Canon menus but after I try to use some Nikon DSLR, I think it suits me too, so what left is I have to try some Canon DSLR first then..

    btw care to trade links? XD

  9. Aile striker Good idea he looks much better with that aile striker than TA L.

  10. Done with the links...

    By the way, how you attached them? do you do any modification or do you just plug the backpack to the back of that Red Frame?

  11. well, all thanks to the Astray Blue Frame, which at that time I bought it has a Backpack connector campaign, you can use any backpack in SEED series for the astray with that connector, with one exclusion is Impulse backpack. Actually I want to use Aile Striker for the backpack, but when I look at the Force Silhoutte seems more appropriate [the Silhoutte similar with the astray flight unit], surprisingly it fit [not connected but just fit] into the astray.

  12. nice place to take , looks like outdoor snap better

  13. an MG on the roof? that's dangerous man :lol:
    even without the DSLR, the photos are already looking good :D

  14. @Gunpla: yeepppp!! thx

    @h4mster: isn't the most dangerous place in this world is also the most beautiful place? hahaha..

  15. Wow... the first half of the photos are from the SX100? I have the same camera but your photos look like its from an SLR :D. The force silhouette also looks very good on the Red Frame... moreso than its' own flight pack (kinda sad actually).

    I just finished my RF recently so it's interesting to check out what other people do with theirs ^^.

  16. red frame is already super gagah even without any backpack. I'll also straight build mine.

  17. @Z: yeah agree, but actually i prefer it's flight unit over the tactical arms.
    thanks btw hehe

    @heat: yeah but gagah mana? alteisen riese or red frame hahaha?

  18. gagah altesen la
    kan ad jurus hethon ny :D

  19. Oooh, nice. Now I really want to get a MG Aile Strike and a MG ARF. @_@ You're good, very good. Then again, I've been wanting them for a while, just need a good opportunity to get them, eventually. ^^;

    *thumbs up* Great photos especially since you dared to use the roof as the background.

  20. Did u use MG force impulse pack as the back pack?? do u need to modify anything to connect it?

  21. @CD: thanks CD hehehe..

    @Svendancer Base: hmm no, but a little trick will do ehehe..

  22. what type of astray blue frame you use to connect it? an MG or NG 1/100 or 1/144?