Thursday, January 21, 2010

MG Red Frame Kai (Last Edit)

The Box Art unveiled.. Awesome.. This is already a must get.. >.<
the official pose for the backpack.. Turn Delta style.. Alright.. ordered it.. :3

Uwah.. This is so much wanted.. February 25th release, and perhaps I will get it around April..
the twin katanas is already a must get for me..
As usual, it's around 5250Yen, and really don't care about the clear part..

This time a Turn Delta style.. Awesome isn't it?

Another back view, turn out to be awesome..

Turned out to have an awesome rifle, and a bit strange of flight jet, but as for me.. The Turn Delta style and the Beam Bow is a win for me..

PS:Added more images, again, again, and again..
images are from ngeekhiong.blogspot and srw.hotnews


  1. "Yes we can!" hahahahah

    1st image: katana hilt is not gol
    2nd image: katana hilt is gold

    and the v-fin is a bit different, 2nd one looks better I think.

  2. @heathorn: yeah that's the spirit!! Hahaha.. I really will pose that style together..

    pics can be deceiving eh? But I can choose a lot of style.. with or without the backpack.. Flight unit, tactical bow, reverse backpack, and now.. turn delta style..

  3. wow the backpack and twin katana is pure win

  4. he is very awesome, i prefer him to blue frame. the giant sword turns into bow and looks badass XD

  5. The RF Kai looks so different whenever they come up with new pictures but I'm thinking the different with the V-fin, could a result of taking the photo from a different angle and perspective.

    The RF Kai looks wicked when equipped with the cross bone but somehow looks off when docked as a backpack. Preharps I'm too used to the RF with anything of its back. Might be better for RF to stick to katanas and BF 2ndR with it Tactical arms.

    The Turn Delta did came out as a surprise though. Wonder if it comes equipped with any volture lumiere

  6. @moemoekyun: how about it? deciding on the next buy list? hehehe...

    @rocklee: yeah, it turns out blue frame is an underdog here.. sadly that I already bought it T_T

    @Jacques: Yep, agree with you.. different angle and perspective (well it's only my opinion though). Well the good news is we can stick it to just the katanas (I hope so..).
    About the voiture lumiere.. 5250Yen.. hmm.. maybe no, not possible..

  7. I agree with the "must get" statement, but it all comes down to "can I get it?" for me, haha :lol:

    But it sure is one mean looking Astray! It looks better than the PG in my opinion :D

  8. @h4mster: well actually it's a problem for me too hahaha.. But I'm an optimistic person if it comes to gunpla huahahaha.. :3

    yeah, me too, I think it's better than the PG.