Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[CubicFun] 3D Puzzle: Tiananmen

Supposedly I'm doing this because of curiosity. Wonder if this thing will look good if it become a background photos, but unfortunately I guess it's fun to build this kind of thing once, and hence I became addicted to it :(

Here it is.. my first 3D puzzles from CubicFun, World Famous Architect series: Tiananmen.

I pick Tiananmen because I like Forbidden City setup. Tiananmen is the first front gate of the Imperial city which the Forbidden city located, also called The Gate of Heavenly Peace. Chinese is very good at city setup, which this is one of the special case. Forbidden city consist of a lot of wonderful place, and this gate, is one of the famous gate. I already visited it once and it's truly wonderful :)

The box, we love to open box do we?

Aha! A manual book :)
let's shall take a look..

A little description about Tiananmen and the inside, a little bit history too.. Awesome indeed :)

Instruction pages, quite good with numbering, but we should careful which part we should make first, and really careful to push or attach the part (it's not like plamo :P)

some of the parts, a lot actually :) Really having fun when assembling this building.

Ta-daaa~ Here it is: Tiananmen

Quite big actually, okayyy I'm satisfied with the result, I'm going for Hall of Supreme Harmony and Temple of Heaven next.. :)