Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Party

Last week I went to my brother's wedding party, and quite stunned with the ballroom's atmosphere. That was my first time went to the one of the famous ballroom at Surabaya. My brother's wedding theme supposedly is a classic concerto, so he include some piano (obviously because he wants to play it too) and some ballerina to entertain the quest (and some cabaret show too) This is some pics I take inside the ballroom (some pics were blurry so I decided to scrap it..). Not much because I have a job too at that time..

This is the main stage for the wedding, full decorated with a classical theme.

My brother's "wedding cake", he make it by himself cause he owns a cake fashion channel (designing wedding cakes and rent them for people weddings, 1 cakes can be rented for IDR 4.000.000, approx USD400 for a day)

One of a strange looking "Ta Mie" that I ate (total of 8 kinds of foods -> 8 in chinese means "prosperity"), It's called "Ta Mie" at my country I don't know about the real chinese name, anybody here can help me?

Ceilings decoration inside the ballroom. Wedding party in my country cost a lot.. Well at least this wedding cost approx IDR 400M (around USD40.000).

Gotta save my money for my wedding ^_^


  1. wow... stunning, congrats to your bro! beautiful place to get married ^^

  2. @rocklee: thanks, what about you? Already have a dream about your wedding place? Tehehe..

  3. Congrats for your bro!
    Whoa, renting a wedding cake will cost 4 juta? That's 2 PG, hahahahahah.

    Nice stage deco, art nouveau style?
    Btw the food serving plate is unique, it's like windows wallpaper.

  4. @heathorn: maka'nya.. agak gak tega hahaha..

    now that you mention it.. it's really like windows hahaha...