Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MG V2 Possibility?

Well this news is old, but I forgot to post it. (source from SRW Hotnews)
Someone make a V2 from MG Victory ver Ka and it turned out to be awesome. For me, I will gladly buy it if it's come true. Neither it is an original V2 (well actually want it wing's effect too) or V2 Assault/Buster or both in one package..

Additional Wings of Light effects from a clear PET parts I presume

Without the Assault or Buster pack, V2 leave with minimum choice of weapons

The possible MG release for this kit are:
#1: only 1 kit, that's is MG V2 ver Ka
#2: as with Crossbone case, they will make the MG V2 AssaultBuster
#3: or with Strike Case there will be MG V2 Assault and later MG V2 Buster
#4: the last is NONE at all.. (noooo.....)

I actually hope for the #2 to be true or at least #1, with the release of MG Victory ver Ka I'm sure that MG V2 is just a matter of time.


  1. Wow, the V2 converted from V gundam looks awesome.

    I'm too looking for to the realization of #2. than simply just V2, it just ain't complete with the Assault Buster and I would'nt want to pay extra for another version. But the thought of all the load of equipments from the AB feels kinda worrying. Wondering how would they resolve the weight and balance issue there.

  2. @Jacques: tempting isn't it? but yes I agree with you.. I too, wouldn't want to pay extra for another ver. But Bandai is always smart at milking their customer right? hehehe...

    About the weight problem, maybe they will add an additional base?