Friday, January 1, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles

My first PS3 RPG Game, Valkyria Chronicles from SEGA
the setting is in alternate universe in 1935 EC, which Europe is dominated with two superpower country. Autocratic East European Imperial Alliance and Atlantic Federation. Not like us which oil is the main source for war, economy, etc, this alternate universe use ragnite a multipurpose mineral which is a necessity for all people..

The main protagonist is a son of late hero, Welkin Gunther and the town watch captain, Alicia Melchiott are citizen of small country Gallia which now attacked by Imperial Alliance because of it's rich ragnite deposite.

The story is awesome (of course, they even decided to make it an anime right? But a bit different from the anime though). It has romance, patriotic story, life story, and many more.. Don't forget about each of main character development there..

Example of BLiTZ : Alicia dodging an enemy tank attack

While the battle system use a turn-based strategy with a little real time element, they called it BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones). Use CP for each turn (move and attack or healing) or Order (A special command like artillery support, sniper support, etc). Each character has a specific role, example: Welkin is a tank commander, he command an experimental tank called Edelweiss while Alicia is a scout (fast movement, middle range attacker useful for scouting for enemy), lancer for anti-tank, sniper for anti-infantry, engineer for mine sweeping and tank repairer, shocktrooper for short range powerful attacker, the last is non-usable medic. Tanks and weapons can be upgraded with a specific role (for range, attack, special effect). Environment also has a great effect in the battle (rooftop, building for cover, foliage for ambushing, etc)

a typical strategy game battle.. But! with an unique element

Valkyria Chronicles graphics are exceptional, awesome stunning CG (like a paint styled CG) with HD quality.
This game really the best RPG game in 2008. Really worth buying it (although at first I'm still not sure about this.. Never playing a RPG game from SEGA, last SEGA game that I played is Empire Total War at PC which totally awesome)

Example of astonishing CG

To bad that the next sequel is for PSP
Again with using Blu-ray media for it storage, they include japanese voice acting which is a plus for me ^_^
Approx playing is around 35-40 hours (with leveling, side stories, and full weapon RnD)

Story : 9/10 (awesome, like watching an anime)
Graphic : 9/10 (an unique graphics with astonishing CG)
Soundtrack : 7/10 (great..)
Battle system : 8/10 (a strategy game but yet I'm not boring.. A good sign :3)
Gameplay : 8/10 (leveling isn't hard because based on job, unique battle system, tank modification)
Overall : 8.2 (must have game for PS3 and RPG, Strategy, and war fans.)

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