Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macro Photography

First time I fell in love in photography because of macro photography.. Awesome detail and awesome focus, at that time I really want to buy a decent camera for macro photo (and of course a budget friendly.. cause at that time my mother would be angry if I ask some "killing" camera like a DSLR or SLR, she will ask me: what's for?? It's too expensive for a camera!! I won't buy it for you.. T_T sigh..)

So at last my decision come to Canon Powershot SX100IS. Quite happy that time.. a good camera with a decent price, doing some landscape photo (and gunpla of course) and totally forgot about macro photo..
And now after some minor knowledge and minor experience, I decided to try it.. This is my first attempt, the object is Plumeria at my house.

My 1st attempt with a Plumeria leaves

My 2nd attempt, now is the flower

After some thought now I really want to move forward to the next level.. How about a DSLR? Which is preferable? (not to expensive but a decent DSLR) Nikon? Canon? Which type? Price range? Lenses?
(this is because I tried some of my friend DSLR, so really want to have it too.. hehehe...)


  1. cool macro shots, love how it can capture details the eye cant see ^^ i dont know anything about cameras but i hear a lot of people picking up Canon D40's no clue if its a good macro cam lol hope you can get a good one.

  2. @rocklee: thanks, well Canon D40's really a good camera, but I'm afraid I can't afford it (dunno if it's correct, but it's around USD1000-USD1500 with a complete kit) a bit out of my range.. I'm looking for around USD700-USD850 in a complete kit.. but thanks for your suggestion..

    If I may say.. Your nendo's evil invitation is a part of this.. Hahahaha.. (wait, it should be moemoekyun right?)

  3. Hm....I'm clueless about camera, hahahah
    Btw beautiful shots! Captured the details very well.

  4. @heathorn: thanks. But I thought you have more knowledge than me.. hmm.. and I think rocklee does too..