Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tauburn Astray WIP #1

The first project for this astray is of course snap-fitting.
And, done..

I still confuse what will I do for this astray. First thing first I decided to scrap the katana, then I decided to mod a little the twin beam sabers. Astray beam sabers are unique in term of design so I decided to make us of it.
Second, I think about modifying the shoulders, legs, and body, but until now I still haven't any blueprint design about it, well actually the shoulders right now are finished (will take another pic later), but for the body and legs it's still blank.
Lastly is the backpack system, currently testing how to use with 1mm pla plates and also epoxy putty and putty. Hopefully are running well.

Meanwhile, I decided to get my first nendo this month. Dunno what come into me, I saw this cute girl just standing in the display stand. And what happened later is, this girl is inside my house right now ^^;.
I choose Haruhi Disappearance ver because of two things. First I'm very attracted with her "unique" personality, and second the Disappearance ver has a long hair (I prefer long hair ^^; but you also get the shorter hair ver too inside the box) and rather exclusive style of uniform (well she is in the elite school this time)

Long hair and a rather cute expression eh?

Still don't want to unbox yet. Dunno why it seems very sacred for me >.< (maybe it's the first eh?)
What do you do with your first nendo?
Unbox when you get home?
Unbox with your friends?
Unbox when the time is right? (dunno when ^^;)
or rather Don't want to unbox it?

Oh, btw I updated some of Mission Warfare Departement (added some missions) feel free to visit there.


  1. wHOOHOO congrats on that great first nendo bro :P Can't wait to see you open and play it haha!

  2. wooogh, first nendo! congrats for the loot :D

  3. Looking forward for this bro =)

    and Haruhi Nice get ;) Maybe the same feel with first gunpla you ever get ?

  4. @chubbs: huahaha.. thanks chubbs, actually I really want to play with it, but I didn't have the courage to open it :D

    @mage: thanks mage, and hopefully she won't have any sisters

    @aya: hmm about the first gunpla? I opened it already when I got home, and built it at that time hahaha..

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  6. I always unbox them immediately :D All of the new toys need some air to breathe man LoL
    Anyway, congrats on your first nendo. Haruhi is a really nice start for more collection of nendoroids :D

  7. i sure hope she has a lot of sister

  8. @hamster: OMG hahahaha.. thanks ham..

    @mage: hmm, I think she will have sisters... but not that many!! hahaha..