Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Change

Greetings everyone,

Under Construction

after some thought, and saw some dedication from my fellow blogger (and their blogs off course, you all can see at my blogroll)
I decided to change the way I blog. I'm going to put a theme into my blog, personally I like a fantasy, science-fiction themed style. A little change, so probably I'm gonna give my post title, post page name, etc etc in that manner, and I'm adding more pages this time (still currently study how the page system work). Hopefully all of you can enjoy my new way of blogging.. ^^;

well I'm already testing at some of the new page right now tehehe..


  1. ditunggu update ny gan

  2. Good to see you giving your blog more love haha. Looking forward to your new style of blogging bro!

  3. @Heathorn: haha.. sip gan

    @chubbs: yeah, thanks chubbs ehehe..

  4. I always love a new look on someone's blog, it is so refreshing :D
    If I may suggest, you should try another color for the text on the sidebar, the blue color is just blending with the background :)

  5. @hams: thanks hams, actually I prefer minimizing color in use (blue-black-white), but since you mentioned it, I thought so. I will think what color I should use for the sidebar..

  6. I love re-designing and making my blog look better than before, its lots of fun and you get to make your blog more accessible for visitors. Hope to see some interesting changes!