Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulation for the Winner

Congratulation for the Winner of Redmage's Online Challenge Competition

1st position – Zabanya Assault By Vixion

2nd position – Saku Char Aznable Custom by SuperPJ

3rd position – NZ-666G Israfel By Severus

4th position – Commander Panty by Heathorn

5th Position – Duel Assault Buster by Lazuardism

more of their photos can be seen at

or at

for me, that I can enter that competition is already a good progress, really fun as it's my first competition..


  1. first picture disappear >_<
    hahah ncie share bro I don't even check there anymore

  2. @Aya: hahaha.. thanks, already fixed it..

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  4. @Aya: thanks aya, btw blogger seems has a problem, I thought I already reply your post.. but ah well..