Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Reports From Mobile Suit Factory Department

The first mobile suit construction for this factory is,
MBF-02χ Tauburn Astray

Everything under it still be classified right now.
It should be for Prototype General-Purpose Mobile Suit, which can adapt at many situation needed.

The equipments, machines, also drones are completed for this prototype project

The research facility already found a new materials for making the Astray far powerful than the Z.A.F.T Gouf, this will make ORB power superiority will be recognized again.

Stay tuned.


  1. Haha, I wonder what will be the contents of "Surveillance Division". :D :D

  2. @canopy: actually, I'm still thinking which one will I use for the surveillance division.
    One is for wish list
    and the other is for gunpla store review

  3. I thought You just build 1/100 scale hahaha

  4. @Aya: well lately no.. I used 1/144 for modification while the MG for Snap-fit only.. :D

    @Redmage: hahaha and guess where they are came from...

  5. Those bring in some heavy material for the factory bro :D

  6. @hams: haha.. the factory is in action now..

  7. Hey, didn't know how else you contact you. Would you like to do a link exchange?