Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gentlemen! Start Your Wallet!

Gentlemen, We have a situation here..

A lot of newly Gunpla product are on the way to attack us..

MG 00 Raiser (what do you expect? it's already in this month), damage 6,500 Yen ~ (May, 29th, 2011)

MG Epyon EW ver (basically it's ver Ka because EW ver designed by Katoki Hajime, since I'm a fan of his works, so this is already a must), damage 4,800 Yen ~ (Jun 2011)

MG Delta Plus (Speechless, this guy is out when the time isn't right. Still wondering will I get this or not..), damage 4,500 Yen ~ (Aug 2011)

SD Wing EW Ver (Well this is the best SD in my opinion), damage 840 Yen ~ (Jun 2011)

Now, all of the participant has arrive, which one will you choose? Or do you decide to take them all?
Personally because I'm already POen 00 raiser and Epyon, so what left is Delta Plus and the little wing ones..
Gotta work more harder eh?


  1. The one with the SD Wing, with the very odd-ish looking weapon is a big surprise. I mean, who would EVER thought of that. XD

  2. @bd: yep, and it's a good looking too, it become more like a fan..
    I bet ZD will get this eh?

    @Aya: get it!

  3. Haha i'll probably skip these and go for the HGFC Master Gundam!!

  4. @chubbybots: oh yeah, master gundam.. what will heathorn think about this...

  5. No damage taken for me :p


  6. @redmage: yep, cause you have an infinite amount of HP right? hahaha..

  7. noooo because i didn't get poisoned by those loot :p