Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gunpla Wallpaper - UC Series #1 ~ F91

This time I want to implement some technique acquired from B-Mecha.. thanks B-Mecha ^_^, and with some help from my friend this is what I could do to the F91.. My sister personally choose this stance because she said this is the coolest, well it turn out to be good.. hehehe..
this time it's not a large one.. it's a standard 1024x768 because this is just a test bed >.<
Again.. feel free to grab it if it's good >.<

As usual, comments and critics very very welcomed.. I still owe to some people about the next wallpaper that I should do (chubbybots and heathorn if I'm not mistaken).. ehehe.. therefore for h4mster, I already make a wide space for desktop items ^^; at upper right corner, how about it?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MG F91 Straight Build

At last.. one of my fave Gundam.. Gundam F91 and one of my fave pilot: Seabook Arno or Kincaid Nau (Kinkendo Nau), cool yet calm when doing battle.. a powerful newtype and has a great analysis skill in battle.
This is the "nendo" version of MG.. quite small in size but awesome at detail..
My first MG produced by SNRI (Strategic Naval Research Institute) and this is a multipurpose mobile suit. good at short range, middle range, and even long range with awesome mobility..

two revolutionary technologies are the main point of this gundam. After some anaheim products which have a Psycommu system. This gundam have a bio-computer system, which is really a "plus" for this MS, a direct link between the pilot with the MS which similar with Psycommu system except it's reversed, the positive way is newtype isn't needed to use bio-computer, which later used at XM-X1 Crossbone (a.k.a F97) too..

the second is Variable Speed Beam Rifle (VSBR). This is the most powerful type of beam because the user can adjust the beam output whenever he want a wider beam and powerful damage or more to focused high-speed shots to penetrate armor (like railgun principles)

Gundam F91

A standard beam rifle

Standing by pose..

Box art replica style

One VSBR used

Twin VSBR deployed and ready to fire

Another angle for Twin VSBR

Sword and Shield style..

F91 inspiration is from Greece Phalanx, so this is what Phalanx formation usually used

More Phalanx formation in ground

The most distinctive features of F91 are it's heat sinks.. There are lots of them.. And it's strange looking booster.. It's like a fan. Well enough about the gundam, now for the kit itself. It's actually awesome, but I really disappointed about the fingers joint.. it's pretty small and easy to break if not carefully handled.. And the non-PVC kit makes me afraid to use it articulation (*squeaky sounds). But it's still a good kit..

object : MG 1/100 F91 Gundam
approx time : 20 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 5.30 PM and cloudy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gunpla Wallpaper - SEED Destiny #1

I make some wallpaper for gundam photos in some free time this afternoon..
Well this resolution is [1600x1200] one, with some tsuki's effect..
Feel free to grab it if it's good.. >.<
I still need to ask B-Mecha about how he makes Overman wallpaper hahaha..

I called it Tri-Mass Destructor. Comments and critics especially for my inspiration is welcomed..
again.. If you like it.. feel free to grab it ^^;

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Straight Build

The latest SEED Destiny series gunpla that I bought.. around last year..
Many dislikes this model.. maybe of the "pink-ish" color. Personally I like Justice model.. and Infinite Justice too.. One of Athurn gundam's mark is a "horn" in it's face.. Like in Aegis, Justice, Saviour, and Infinite Justice all have that "horn" and more over Justice have an unique flight unit backpack, and have a lot of weapon gimmicks like beam boomerang, an grapple-stinger, lots of beam sabers and variations, and it's Hyper-Fortis beam cannon for a powerful  middle range attack.
a very tactical yet powerful gundam for short-middle ranged operation, (while Strike Freedom is more a middle-long ranged and Destiny is an all-rounder)

Let's see the Infinite Justice..

This is becoming more and more like a habit to me, again thanks to Tsuki

A Shooting stance with high energy beam rifle

Asuran zala! Nerai utsu!! (whoops.. wrong quote)

Slicing an enemy with dual beam sabers

With the dual beam sabers combined and the boomerang mounted on the shield

Ready to throw the boomerang

different angle with the shoot..

shield is one main focus of Infinite Justice cause of it's multipurpose role

First : that shield have a beam boomerang attached: throw or stab

Second : it can be used for grapple too

Third : of course a shield is for defend or guard

Kiraaaaaaa ~!!!

The lesson this time is.. Remember to study your own camera.. When I took the photos the weather is cloudy.. and I forgot to set my camera to take photos at cloudy.. (I remembered when I took some last photos). Anyone here like Infinite Justice?

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam
approx time : 40 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 5 PM and cloudy

Monday, February 15, 2010

MG Strike Freedom Straight Build

Take a pic of Destiny without it's counterpart isn't fair I believe.. So I decided to take a pic about Strike Freedom when I have some free time today (off work hehe..). I believe I bought this kit around 1 year before Destiny.. So it makes this kit already 3 years old.

I think MG is divided into two categories:
1. The "Real" MG Kit: this supposedly categorized as a real mechanical and level of details and articulation, mostly are grunt units. Ex: MG Zaku ver 2.0, MG Gouf ver 2.0, MG Gun Tank, etc (this kit I believe is really enjoyable when we build them and also I didn't mean Zaku is bad in term of appearance)
2. The "Pose" MG Kit: this category is almost like this kit is good on it's appearance and usually a good looking figure for your shelf. Some high-tech mecha and usually are a high leveled Gundam. Ex: MG Destiny, MG Crossbone Fullcloth, etc

It is possible that a MG kit also have two categories, they have a decent articulation and details also a good appearance.. Ex: MG Sinanju.
I believe Strike Freedom is among the 2nd Category. I choose the ordinary one beside of the Full Burst Mode because of:
1. +2000Yen for a DRAGOON effect is a not for me.. Personally I really didn't like it's effect (I still prefer the Hi-Nu funnel effect), but the gold bling2x effect seems nice. Second it's DRAGOON when deployed in the action base is to low.. And I suppose the third is +2000 without it's wing's of light effect is a no..
2. Again.. The box art really affected me.. The FBM Box art actually really awesome, but I do collect the MGs box, so I prefer the same theme box art (it's the same why I choose MG Exia over the Ignited version hehe.. weird isn't it)

Okay~ without delaying anymore let me present the strike freedom

Tsuki's edit style again~ I fond of this kind of edit hahaha.. thanks tsuki

Strike Freedom speciality: it's dual beam rifles means double *PEW PEW

This time, it's my fave weapon from Strike Freedom, it's Xiphias3 Railgun

Intercepting enemies using beam sabers

I want YOU to be the next victim!

Different angle of shooting gives a different perception

Why the twin beam rifles is my fave, because it can be combined!

Pose a Freedom with it's HiMAT is a must..

Another different angle for HiMAT pose

I will "save" humanity!!

The lesson when I took photo with this object is.. It's too shiny. I sweat too much because of the heat.. Never tried to take a photo around this time.. >.< hahaha... The sun angle really not good for taking photos it's above our head so whatever angles we take it always the same.. a lot of shadows in the kit it self.. Isn't it right?

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 1 PM and shiny

Sunday, February 14, 2010

HaPPY CHiNeSe NeW YeaR 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 guys..
May you have a good prosperity and health in the upcoming year.
This year is a Tiger year.. We should have a tiger's like resolution.. Unshakable..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MG Destiny Straight Build

One of my favorite gundam.. Destiny gundam..
I got this already at a long time ago (approx 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken). So maybe I'm less skillful at making gunpla that time (and don't have time to take a pic about him ^^; and today I have some free time), but this is it.. Straight build from the box..
I choose the ordinary Destiny over the Burst Mode ver because of it's box art..
It may sounds ridiculous, but I really like it's box art over the Burst Mode, the one thing that I like about the Burst Mode is it's wings of light effect.. But well +2000Yen for that effect is only a waste for me, so I choose the ordinary one..

Tsuki's style of Edit ^^; I tried to copy your GN-X effect

With standart beam rifle.

Arondight anti-ship sword, one of my fave weapon from Destiny Gundam..

Preparing to shoot...

High energy long range beam cannon.. another fave weapon from Destiny Gundam

I'm the MARINE!!!

I really want to make a wallpaper like B-mecha did (I already did the background but lost at the main model effect things, you should really teach me B-mecha hahaha...)

That's it..
Again I don't have a mini studio like some fellow blogger here, so I use a natural light (a.k.a sun) to cope up with my ordinary camera.. ^^;
Again some critics and comments from the expert is welcomed.. Since I'm still a n00b here.. huehehe.. :3

object : MG 1/100 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam
approx time : 30 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4 PM and a bit cloudy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Macro Photography #2

Do some macro shoot again.. Well, like someone said practice makes perfect so, here it is..
another "object-less" shoot.. I said object-less cause it's really a random object that I found in my house hahaha...

Well, this is the Photosynthesized Plumeria Leaves..

And the second try..

My Old-fashioned lock can't escape from my PASSION!! Muahahaha..

The last try of the day..

This is just a random shoot, so I really don't have any idea why I took that objects.. What do you think guys? Basically I learned that Macro needs a lot of light.. The Brighter the better.. more like a natural light is better than using lamp, is this correct?