Thursday, January 21, 2010

MG Red Frame Kai (Last Edit)

The Box Art unveiled.. Awesome.. This is already a must get.. >.<
the official pose for the backpack.. Turn Delta style.. Alright.. ordered it.. :3

Uwah.. This is so much wanted.. February 25th release, and perhaps I will get it around April..
the twin katanas is already a must get for me..
As usual, it's around 5250Yen, and really don't care about the clear part..

This time a Turn Delta style.. Awesome isn't it?

Another back view, turn out to be awesome..

Turned out to have an awesome rifle, and a bit strange of flight jet, but as for me.. The Turn Delta style and the Beam Bow is a win for me..

PS:Added more images, again, again, and again..
images are from ngeekhiong.blogspot and srw.hotnews

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macro Photography

First time I fell in love in photography because of macro photography.. Awesome detail and awesome focus, at that time I really want to buy a decent camera for macro photo (and of course a budget friendly.. cause at that time my mother would be angry if I ask some "killing" camera like a DSLR or SLR, she will ask me: what's for?? It's too expensive for a camera!! I won't buy it for you.. T_T sigh..)

So at last my decision come to Canon Powershot SX100IS. Quite happy that time.. a good camera with a decent price, doing some landscape photo (and gunpla of course) and totally forgot about macro photo..
And now after some minor knowledge and minor experience, I decided to try it.. This is my first attempt, the object is Plumeria at my house.

My 1st attempt with a Plumeria leaves

My 2nd attempt, now is the flower

After some thought now I really want to move forward to the next level.. How about a DSLR? Which is preferable? (not to expensive but a decent DSLR) Nikon? Canon? Which type? Price range? Lenses?
(this is because I tried some of my friend DSLR, so really want to have it too.. hehehe...)

Wedding Party

Last week I went to my brother's wedding party, and quite stunned with the ballroom's atmosphere. That was my first time went to the one of the famous ballroom at Surabaya. My brother's wedding theme supposedly is a classic concerto, so he include some piano (obviously because he wants to play it too) and some ballerina to entertain the quest (and some cabaret show too) This is some pics I take inside the ballroom (some pics were blurry so I decided to scrap it..). Not much because I have a job too at that time..

This is the main stage for the wedding, full decorated with a classical theme.

My brother's "wedding cake", he make it by himself cause he owns a cake fashion channel (designing wedding cakes and rent them for people weddings, 1 cakes can be rented for IDR 4.000.000, approx USD400 for a day)

One of a strange looking "Ta Mie" that I ate (total of 8 kinds of foods -> 8 in chinese means "prosperity"), It's called "Ta Mie" at my country I don't know about the real chinese name, anybody here can help me?

Ceilings decoration inside the ballroom. Wedding party in my country cost a lot.. Well at least this wedding cost approx IDR 400M (around USD40.000).

Gotta save my money for my wedding ^_^

MG V2 Possibility?

Well this news is old, but I forgot to post it. (source from SRW Hotnews)
Someone make a V2 from MG Victory ver Ka and it turned out to be awesome. For me, I will gladly buy it if it's come true. Neither it is an original V2 (well actually want it wing's effect too) or V2 Assault/Buster or both in one package..

Additional Wings of Light effects from a clear PET parts I presume

Without the Assault or Buster pack, V2 leave with minimum choice of weapons

The possible MG release for this kit are:
#1: only 1 kit, that's is MG V2 ver Ka
#2: as with Crossbone case, they will make the MG V2 AssaultBuster
#3: or with Strike Case there will be MG V2 Assault and later MG V2 Buster
#4: the last is NONE at all.. (noooo.....)

I actually hope for the #2 to be true or at least #1, with the release of MG Victory ver Ka I'm sure that MG V2 is just a matter of time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles

My first PS3 RPG Game, Valkyria Chronicles from SEGA
the setting is in alternate universe in 1935 EC, which Europe is dominated with two superpower country. Autocratic East European Imperial Alliance and Atlantic Federation. Not like us which oil is the main source for war, economy, etc, this alternate universe use ragnite a multipurpose mineral which is a necessity for all people..

The main protagonist is a son of late hero, Welkin Gunther and the town watch captain, Alicia Melchiott are citizen of small country Gallia which now attacked by Imperial Alliance because of it's rich ragnite deposite.

The story is awesome (of course, they even decided to make it an anime right? But a bit different from the anime though). It has romance, patriotic story, life story, and many more.. Don't forget about each of main character development there..

Example of BLiTZ : Alicia dodging an enemy tank attack

While the battle system use a turn-based strategy with a little real time element, they called it BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones). Use CP for each turn (move and attack or healing) or Order (A special command like artillery support, sniper support, etc). Each character has a specific role, example: Welkin is a tank commander, he command an experimental tank called Edelweiss while Alicia is a scout (fast movement, middle range attacker useful for scouting for enemy), lancer for anti-tank, sniper for anti-infantry, engineer for mine sweeping and tank repairer, shocktrooper for short range powerful attacker, the last is non-usable medic. Tanks and weapons can be upgraded with a specific role (for range, attack, special effect). Environment also has a great effect in the battle (rooftop, building for cover, foliage for ambushing, etc)

a typical strategy game battle.. But! with an unique element

Valkyria Chronicles graphics are exceptional, awesome stunning CG (like a paint styled CG) with HD quality.
This game really the best RPG game in 2008. Really worth buying it (although at first I'm still not sure about this.. Never playing a RPG game from SEGA, last SEGA game that I played is Empire Total War at PC which totally awesome)

Example of astonishing CG

To bad that the next sequel is for PSP
Again with using Blu-ray media for it storage, they include japanese voice acting which is a plus for me ^_^
Approx playing is around 35-40 hours (with leveling, side stories, and full weapon RnD)

Story : 9/10 (awesome, like watching an anime)
Graphic : 9/10 (an unique graphics with astonishing CG)
Soundtrack : 7/10 (great..)
Battle system : 8/10 (a strategy game but yet I'm not boring.. A good sign :3)
Gameplay : 8/10 (leveling isn't hard because based on job, unique battle system, tank modification)
Overall : 8.2 (must have game for PS3 and RPG, Strategy, and war fans.)

HaPPY NeW YeaR 2010!!

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wish you all the best, great prosperity, and a good health in 2010