Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last of the Posting Spree ~ MG Crossbone Fullcloth

This is it!! 1/100 MG Crossbone Fullcloth

Zambuster sword, pirates typical sword

Muramasa Blaster in rifle form

Dual swords, Crossbone really good at close combats

In pose with Zambuster, careful with the beam saber ^^;

Muramasa Blaster in sword form

Unique Crossbone rifle, Peacock Smasher

Crossbone Fullcloth with Peacock Smasher armed.

Weapons that still at storage, 2 Knifes, Zambuster rifle and pistol, 2 electric wire, 2 grapple, 2 beam sabers, 2 beam knuckles, and beam shield.

lots of weapons variety, lots of parts, lots of details eventhough small, I'm so speechless hahaha...
Not, much that I can say about this kits, lots of minus, but I really wants this!! hahaha.. so eventhough it has a fatal problems like can't hold peacock smasher, lots of small parts [the skulls ornaments], lots need to be painted [well usually MG doesn't need you to paint, but this kit does], but still!! this is really an awesome kit!!

The pirate theme really matched with this kit colors and weapons, I really like this kits model, story, and also the pilot, one of my favorite Kincaid Nau aka Seabook Arno [even though my name is Mafty Navue hahaha]

object : MG 1/100 XM-X1 Crossbone Fullcloth
approx time : 20 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4 PM and cloudy

Quad Posting Spree ~ Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope

The last of my PS3 games [well my Final Fantasy XIII hasn't come yet], already finished but not the hidden side quest [defeating the ultimate boss sigh orz] which is really really difficult and need a lot of concentrations and levels!!

The combat screenshot and bonuses.

Well I enjoyed this game, but this time I admitted it, not quite enjoyable like the last star ocean, the story is a mediocre one, the things that I enjoyed is only the battle system, and bosses fights. Lots of combos, massive tech for destroying the enemies, but I do wonder, why symbology isn't helpful later on, Symbology damage really low compared to the other star ocean games.

Well obviously of course mine isn't japanese, this picture is just to explain a private action to readers ^^; [Reimiiiiii >.<]

The graphic is good, but it's a Xbox360 port standard which is really inferior compared to the recent PS3 games.. But one of the plus thing is the private actions, the private actions really helpful to know each other character background and personality.

There are total of nine characters but only eight slots, so we must discard one of them, but at first playthrough it's a must, nevermind though, you will get far more decent character hahaha... Star ocean tends to have a lots of character selection, but I really do wonder this time, why it's only 1 that we can choose, between Faize and Arumat.
Like the prequel, we still can cook, craft, even smithing, has lots of massive HP and Damage, Ridiculously hard enemies and hidden boss [the final boss is easy, but the bosses after that.. >.<, even the common enemies aren't joke], so after all it's still enjoyable to play and worth to buy.

Story : 6.5/10 (a bit disappointing)
Graphic : 7/10 (not good too)
Soundtrack : 7/10 (mediocre)
Battle system : 9/10 (well, this is the only main selling point in this game >.<)
Gameplay : 8/10 (Star Ocean gameplay is good as usual)
Overall : 7.5 (so so.. Like a science fiction RPG game? well this is the game for you..)

nb: picture are taken from various game's website just for readers reference, not posting mine because time matters, sorry hahaha.. [ex: IGN, Gameslave]

Triple Posting Spree ~ Assassin's Creed II

One of the games that recently played by me..
Assassin's Creed II. The story is sequel from Assassin's Creed, which Desmond Miles, the protagonist escaped from Abstergo Industries [Templar in present time]. This time Desmond run from Abstergo with his assassin's friend, Lucy Stillman to their hideout. Using what they called Animus ver 2.0, Desmond go to one of his ancestor memory. This time at Italy, Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

The first impression when I played this game is.. Absolutely awesome..
lots of improvements, AI, missions, side missions, even the landscapes and graphics.
lots of beautiful Italy landscapes and Landmark at Venice, Florence, Tuscan, etc
this time the missions isn't monotone like the first game.. lots of variety, the wonderful thing is we can use Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine [Leonardo is assassin's too in this game hahaha..]

Venice view from top, nice isn't it?

Our own mansion and castle, we also can manage them..

Not only astonished with the graphic, the gameplay is improved significantly too, the AI are smarter and have a lots of variety from Brute, Agile, Seeker, etc makes combat more "fun" to do, stealth kill is improved too with dual hidden knife for double massacre, added poison effect for stealth and slow kill, throwing daggers, knife/dagger, sword, mace weapon, even we can grab enemies weapons. The most wonderful is an additional hidden gun inside the assassin's gauntlet.

Ship is one of the transportation between city in this game.

One of the landmark at Venice.

Now, the player can swim, and use gondola [maybe because Venice is famous of it's gondola]. Also additional hidden places and catacombs for unlocking the special armor [Altair's armor]. There are a lots of real figures inside the game for ex: the main enemies is Rodrigo Borgia also known as Pope Alexander VI [this is really a controversial matter hahaha..], Leonardo da Vinci, also Niccolo Machiavelli are assassins, not to mention the powerful families at that time [Medici, Pazzi, Sforza, etc]. Not to mention "the truth" video which consist of the Adam and Eve assassin's creed ver, and also a lot of religions controversies [almost all of the religions]

Lots of variety of weapons this time.

If you want to lose your pursuit, use smoke [remember the soldier at the left].

The funny thing is, money also can distract the pursuer [look at the soldier at the left ^^;]

The end of the pursuer, the finishing counter.

I do hope for the next sequel, this game really awesome. I heard they announced the next sequel, but we still use Ezio for the main protagonist..

Story : 9/10 (this is a must, really)
Graphic : 9/10 (really a great tour at Italy around 16th centuries)
Soundtrack : 8/10 (good)
Battle system : 9/10 (even my brother who only watched me playing is satisfied XD)
Gameplay : 9/10 (not monotone like the first game..)
Overall : 8.8 (PC or PS3, if you like something like medieval political history plot story, this is your choice)

Double Posting Spree ~ May June Loots

Well, after resurrected my blog, the first thing that I will do of course adding some armaments, to publish... one of the armaments is gunpla hahaha... well recently got 2 gunpla.. One of them is MG Astray Red Frame Kai and the other is my long long wish list MG Crossbone Fullcloth.. yay at last I got it!!

MG Crossbone is one of my looong looong wish list, either it's the ver Ka, or the fullcloth. And I already searched it from 2 years ago and didn't get it >.<, this kit is really rare at my city [or even my country eh? hehehe..]. Full of gimmicks, and Unique X booster. And I fond of small sized MS [F91,V2, X1]. Currently I'm working at Crossbone right now, really excited to finish it. :3
I pick MG Red Frame because of it's dual katana, and I will change it into Aile Striker Red Frame hahaha...

That is my total loot for MG kits, I put them at my bed because recently my "neighbor" room has been attacked by some d*mn "bugs". And some of my old kits didn't survived, orz. But luckily all of my MG are survived, so I put them safe at my bed, while the "incident" room is neutralized from that cursed "bug" hahaha..

Well, the Crossbone already up, without decal and some finishing, but really tempted to take a photo of it.. I will post it at this posting spree~

First Posting Spree ~ New phone..

As I said before, currently I attracted with android's logo, so I decided to take a look for android phone [just take a look at first]. At that time I pick 2 android phones in my wish list. Those two are Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Rachel, and Motorola Milestone. I choose X10 because of it's sleek design, while I pick Milestone because of it's qwerty keypad. At that I still use K800i

Not thinking to change phone, after a month my phone dies hahaha.. so quickly I look for a replacement.. lots of my friend suggest me BlackBerry, but since I'm not too fond with BlackBerry I search more infos about the two android phones. After some thought [and some promotion gifts ehehe..] I choose X10, so here is it..

X10 processor is powerful, not like other SE smartphones which are laggy [eg. G900,G705] this phone is smooth, maybe because of the android OS too, the drawback is X10 still use 1.6, the 2.1 update is at September or November 2010 [Way too long!!], while the current android is already at 2.2, but I still enjoy it because it has additional content like Mediascape and Timescape [the last one, actually I didn't use it too much, but actually can be handy for some people]

The touch screen is very responsive, really great and smooth, the android menu really user's friendly. A bit surprised when I open the menu.. no calculator, no notepad, wow hahaha... but recently I realized that they have it at android markets

Android market provides me with a lot of additional programs and games, either they are useful or not ahahaha... but user's comments really will help use to pick a decent software. One thing that I like about X10 is it's really great for web browsing, messaging, email, and facebook!! ahahaha..

X10 has a decent camera 8.1 megapixel is really powerful for a smartphone.. [usually smartphone only 3 until 5 megapixel], the picture taken is really awesome, but it doesn't have a flash, so when the light is not bright, the picture taken will blurry. Also X10 good for streaming youtube which I haven't tried it because of the low speed connectivity at my country.

Good thing for android phone is a massive of FREE addictive mini games, for example panzer panic, paper toss, etc

the plus of X10:
- Bigger screen mean bigger enjoyment
- High resolution camera 8.1MP
- 1GHz Processor
- HD Widescreen movie
- Android OS phone [Android markets]
- Good for browsing and email
- Awesome contact list [can be linked with facebook, twitter, etc]

now for the minus of X10:
- the sound quality is horrible!! I thought SE is proud of their sounds quality, but X10 is really horrible!!
- full touch no additional keypad, for a big sized finger this would be a problem [but can be minimized by using a landscape view]
- Android OS still 1.6, while now already 2.2 [Froyo], already got update but must wait until september 2010 and still using 2.1
- only 69k color, but the different isn't much
- high battery consumption [but I think all smart phones has high battery consumption]

Friday, June 11, 2010

Resurrected from Grave

Sorry guys for the long absent, because of recent concentration of work
but after this I will begin update my blog more often cause, the "concentration" needed from the work is decreased hahaha...

So, I will begin with updating my blog layout background, changing my blog's banner, and then doing some posting spree, and comments spree too at my blogroll tehehe..
Hopefully all of you will visit my blog again :3

sooooo... let's get it on!!!