Friday, June 11, 2010

Resurrected from Grave

Sorry guys for the long absent, because of recent concentration of work
but after this I will begin update my blog more often cause, the "concentration" needed from the work is decreased hahaha...

So, I will begin with updating my blog layout background, changing my blog's banner, and then doing some posting spree, and comments spree too at my blogroll tehehe..
Hopefully all of you will visit my blog again :3

sooooo... let's get it on!!!


  1. thanks ZD, my routine activity will be at night ahaha.. wait me at your blog..

    doing some posting draft right now hahaha...

  2. Welcome back~~ lol comment spree >_<;;

  3. Hello bro, I've been wondering what happen to you since this blog didn't get updated lately, but it's good to see you back :D

  4. @GunStray: thanks GS, this time I still taking a pic about the material, the post is already up, but the photo isn't ready yet.. I already prepare a huge posting spree ahahaha..

  5. 'used phoenix down on mafty'
    'mafty revived!'

    welcome back abang :D

  6. @heathorn: hahaha thanks heat, but because you use phoenix down, my hp is still low >.< hahaha..

    @tsuki: ehehehe thanks tsuki, don't forget about posting spree too ehehe...

    @hamster: yeah, because of work ham, well because I need to get some extra money, that is the consequences ehehe...