Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last of the Posting Spree ~ MG Crossbone Fullcloth

This is it!! 1/100 MG Crossbone Fullcloth

Zambuster sword, pirates typical sword

Muramasa Blaster in rifle form

Dual swords, Crossbone really good at close combats

In pose with Zambuster, careful with the beam saber ^^;

Muramasa Blaster in sword form

Unique Crossbone rifle, Peacock Smasher

Crossbone Fullcloth with Peacock Smasher armed.

Weapons that still at storage, 2 Knifes, Zambuster rifle and pistol, 2 electric wire, 2 grapple, 2 beam sabers, 2 beam knuckles, and beam shield.

lots of weapons variety, lots of parts, lots of details eventhough small, I'm so speechless hahaha...
Not, much that I can say about this kits, lots of minus, but I really wants this!! hahaha.. so eventhough it has a fatal problems like can't hold peacock smasher, lots of small parts [the skulls ornaments], lots need to be painted [well usually MG doesn't need you to paint, but this kit does], but still!! this is really an awesome kit!!

The pirate theme really matched with this kit colors and weapons, I really like this kits model, story, and also the pilot, one of my favorite Kincaid Nau aka Seabook Arno [even though my name is Mafty Navue hahaha]

object : MG 1/100 XM-X1 Crossbone Fullcloth
approx time : 20 minutes
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4 PM and cloudy


  1. Nice crossbone! I remembered you were looking for the crossbone right? looks like you got it!

  2. Nnice one Mafty~! like your usual Gunpla post :D

  3. @Marzz: yeah hahaha.. at last I got it, and it is! really awesome >.<

    @ZD: thanks ZD ehehe..

  4. Im still regreting not getting this guy, That peacock smasher, is just so delicious, AAUGGH!! STop torturing me!!

    thank that cloudy day, I love all the shots

  5. For all the minus still this kit is quite a looker :D Skulls never looked so cool haha!

  6. @GunStray: ohoho.. you will get this kit.. I'm sure of it haha...

    @chubbs: yep, pirates theme never dies..

  7. XD did not know that the blaster have a gun form.

    But would be nice if the cloth are fangs/dragoons/funnel in disguise as they look like they could XD

  8. @keion: woah keion long time no see ehehe...

    well actually the cloth has functions too..
    an Anti Beam Coating, and additional thruster for X-1 Speed..

  9. Your house has a third floor? wow, that's big :D
    I always love the mean looks of crossbone. Is he the good guy or the bad guy?

  10. @h4mster: there are 3 crossbones ham, the 1st one pilot is the same pilot who piloted F91, the 2nd one is ally [at first] but turn out to be enemy, and the last one is the main protagonist..

    yeah, well more exactly like 2.25 hahaha.. not full 3 floor..

  11. Nice photos... The colour is great even at the cloudy day. Try some different angle like bottom to top? It will give variety to your photos.

  12. @B-Mecha: thanks Be, hmm will try that, after this.. I think I want to start more like a theme photo, will try to do more photography photos than more like a review photos hehe..
    well this is the first step >.<

  13. HeHe yeah,hmm I didn't read the managa,but anti beam XD seem like deathscythe cloth minus the mirage clothing effect,but speaking of that it would make sense if X-Bone could do that XD but would be over power if the cloth serve the purpose of so many things XD

  14. @keion: true, it doesn't have a mirage effect.. well actually the main purpose of the clothes are for high-speed cruising, and while having a high-speed cruising, he won't be interrupted by enemies attack..

  15. Thanks for the info,at least the cloth add some bulk to it making not making Crossbone as short as the ver ka version since this model is short.

  16. the crossbow makes it really interesting for me
    how tall is this one mafty? They say this model it tiny.

  17. @keion: u'r welcome

    @heathorn: this model really tiny heat, around the same height with HGUC 1/144 Nu Gundam

  18. This Crossbone is much more exciting than the Crossbone Ver. Ka