Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quad Posting Spree ~ Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope

The last of my PS3 games [well my Final Fantasy XIII hasn't come yet], already finished but not the hidden side quest [defeating the ultimate boss sigh orz] which is really really difficult and need a lot of concentrations and levels!!

The combat screenshot and bonuses.

Well I enjoyed this game, but this time I admitted it, not quite enjoyable like the last star ocean, the story is a mediocre one, the things that I enjoyed is only the battle system, and bosses fights. Lots of combos, massive tech for destroying the enemies, but I do wonder, why symbology isn't helpful later on, Symbology damage really low compared to the other star ocean games.

Well obviously of course mine isn't japanese, this picture is just to explain a private action to readers ^^; [Reimiiiiii >.<]

The graphic is good, but it's a Xbox360 port standard which is really inferior compared to the recent PS3 games.. But one of the plus thing is the private actions, the private actions really helpful to know each other character background and personality.

There are total of nine characters but only eight slots, so we must discard one of them, but at first playthrough it's a must, nevermind though, you will get far more decent character hahaha... Star ocean tends to have a lots of character selection, but I really do wonder this time, why it's only 1 that we can choose, between Faize and Arumat.
Like the prequel, we still can cook, craft, even smithing, has lots of massive HP and Damage, Ridiculously hard enemies and hidden boss [the final boss is easy, but the bosses after that.. >.<, even the common enemies aren't joke], so after all it's still enjoyable to play and worth to buy.

Story : 6.5/10 (a bit disappointing)
Graphic : 7/10 (not good too)
Soundtrack : 7/10 (mediocre)
Battle system : 9/10 (well, this is the only main selling point in this game >.<)
Gameplay : 8/10 (Star Ocean gameplay is good as usual)
Overall : 7.5 (so so.. Like a science fiction RPG game? well this is the game for you..)

nb: picture are taken from various game's website just for readers reference, not posting mine because time matters, sorry hahaha.. [ex: IGN, Gameslave]

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