Sunday, June 13, 2010

Double Posting Spree ~ May June Loots

Well, after resurrected my blog, the first thing that I will do of course adding some armaments, to publish... one of the armaments is gunpla hahaha... well recently got 2 gunpla.. One of them is MG Astray Red Frame Kai and the other is my long long wish list MG Crossbone Fullcloth.. yay at last I got it!!

MG Crossbone is one of my looong looong wish list, either it's the ver Ka, or the fullcloth. And I already searched it from 2 years ago and didn't get it >.<, this kit is really rare at my city [or even my country eh? hehehe..]. Full of gimmicks, and Unique X booster. And I fond of small sized MS [F91,V2, X1]. Currently I'm working at Crossbone right now, really excited to finish it. :3
I pick MG Red Frame because of it's dual katana, and I will change it into Aile Striker Red Frame hahaha...

That is my total loot for MG kits, I put them at my bed because recently my "neighbor" room has been attacked by some d*mn "bugs". And some of my old kits didn't survived, orz. But luckily all of my MG are survived, so I put them safe at my bed, while the "incident" room is neutralized from that cursed "bug" hahaha..

Well, the Crossbone already up, without decal and some finishing, but really tempted to take a photo of it.. I will post it at this posting spree~


  1. @ZD: well you know.. termite, they ate plastic too..

  2. Oh my your termites are like super termites....even plastic they eat!

  3. @Chubbs: want some chubbs? ehehe...

  4. Did not know that termite eat plastic -_-

    At first I thought those pile of gunpla was your extra loot at first XD

  5. @keion: >.< of course not! hahaha..
    yeah me too, I though my gunpla is save because they didn't eat plastic, but I was wrong.. orz

  6. see, this is shopping spree :D

  7. @heathorn: heat, hahaha.. that was not the case.. I didn't buy them altogether >.< hahahaha.. That's why I called them posting spree.