Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tutorial for Snapfitter #1 ~ Removing spruce marks using markers

Trying to share more info for snapfitters, I got this infos from ngeekhiong, but I think It isn't wrong to share it again eh? Before that, this is my first loot this year..

yup, a MG Deathscythe hell EW ver..
usually for snapfitter, spruce mark from cutting the plastic is really annoying, especially it's black, since the marks usually are white. This little trick will help to reduce the mark.

First, see that annoying white mark??

Use this miraculous kit..
I'm using sakura 0.05 marker, a gundam marker is fine too..
well be sure to give the proper color.

Fill the white mark with the marker..

Erase it with rubber eraser.. Ta-daaa...
It's gone...

well hopefully this will give some people help when snapfitting a gunpla..
okay back to snapfitting this kit again..


  1. Always work :D anyway do you did the same for non black plastic also ? need set of markers for this ^^

  2. hahhaa.. well, everyone said real touch marker works well for non black plasticm but I haven't try it yet..

  3. For me I don't think I would want to the real touch marker line,since I felt that it would cost lots of $ since there is many colour.

    But nice the sakura marker is nice but almost like permanent marker.

  4. Oh... I did get that Sakura marker too. What about colored parts then?

  5. @rubyvijudai: well just try to buy 2/3 dominant color for each gunpla, surely after 4-5 gunplas you will have a lot colors for any gunplas..

    @marzz: colored parts used Bandai's real touch markes marzz, but I haven't tried it yet.. It's hard to find it here..

  6. this method is simple but very useful :D

  7. @hamster: yup, but a veteran like you probably never use this eh? hehehe..

  8. I used to have their 1/144 HG kits... but honestly from the EW, I think "Wing" is the most magnificent which is why it is still one of the most popular till nowadays.... or is it Wing Zero?