Thursday, February 3, 2011

Modifying HGUC GP-01Fb + Happy Chinese New Year

First time using pla plates, thanks for heathorn, redmage, and superPJ for helping me to know how to use pla plates and what tools should I need.
I'm modifying my old HGUC 1/144 GP01Fb, because I like this kit, and it's my 1/144 kit, old and dusty.

First Prototype, modding the Vernier and the backpack
I started to modify the GP-01Fb for my fellow blog challenge (redmage), first of all, GP-01Fb core fighter seems forgotten by lots of people, so I started to modify the GP-01 using the core fighter. My inspiration is 00 raiser. So the core fighter will be attached to the backpack. The verniers are acted like the 0 raiser binders.
Second prototype, this time adding some detail at shield, legs, and shoulders
Back view, second prototype
After adding some detailing, some technical issues, here is the WIP of the GP-01HPM Ambrosius "High Powered Mobility".

Finished product minus Paint
Front View
Back View 
0 Raiser wannabe 
GP01HPM Back view 
GP01HPM In Action 
Next step is the painting, and this time I should give thanks to chubbybots for his tutorial for me.. XD
This little modification cost me approx around 250k IDR (25 US$), I bought 0.5mm pla plates, tamiya cement, 4 tamiya enamel paint 10ml (red, black, white, blue), yellow gundam marker, 3 brushes, tamiya enamel thinner 10 ml, roundstick pla plates (2mm), a tape, a cutter, ruler, mechanical pencil and eraser.

Gong Xi Fa Chai, Xi Nien Kuai Le
Happy Chinese New Year all..

Trivia: HPM actually refer to Heathorn, PJ, Mage. You should check out their blog, they have a lots of great works and awesome tutorials. Thanks to you guys..


  1. Happy Chinese new Year Mafty :D

    this kit for the contest ?

  2. I liked your idea of adding plaplate to the verniers. Nice mods so far.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

  3. nice customise! I still having trouble cutting the pla plate.

  4. @Aya: yep..

    @Jacques: thanks,
    happy lunar new year to you too

    @Gunpla: thanks, I cut it with cutter and ruler, but not in one go rather step by step..

  5. you went silent for a while and woah! what did you got there mafty? lol hahaha nice one bro

  6. @ZD: hahaha, thanks ZD
    a modified GP01Fb from my late kit, hopefully it turn out well.

    it's my first time using pla plates, and later..
    my first time using enamel paints too..

  7. It looks more stream line then the stock version. And Happy CNY.

  8. the first project using a plaplate is always fun ^^. Keep up the good work bro :D

  9. no worries Mafty, glad I can help.
    udah dicat skrg?

  10. Wah nice mod man. Hehe, kadang ongkos mod lebih mahal dari kitny sendiri ye. :D
    Gong Xi Fa Cai ye, good health always.

  11. Happy Chinese New Year. Wish you have more ang pao money and able to mod better gunpla this rabbit year :D

  12. Happy CNY to you too bro! Glad to see you starting out on modding your kit! All the best!

  13. @tom: thx

    @hamster: yep, it's really fun at first time eh? Hehehe..

    @heat: thanks heat, belom ini masih di luar kota..

    @canopy: iya, padahal ini cuman simple doang

    @B-mecha: thanks bee, and to you too..

    @chubby: hey, many thanks to you too, wait for me to paint it, I still owe it from your explanatioan hehe..

  14. Someday I wanted to get this 1/144 HGUC kits as well... I really like the GP01, 02 and 03...

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