Thursday, April 7, 2011

WIP GP-01HPM Ambrosius #1

Well this is some progress for my latest work, the deadline is quite near. Actually it's already finished but minus painting. But I think I will add some details and make minor adjustment in the details, maybe shoulders.
But here is some photos of my WIP.

I give this kit some left over from MG Astray Red Frame, which is a dual knife from MG Astray Blue Frame mould, and give some ornaments at the left shoulder, but later on I decided to scrap it and put it to more useful than just ornaments.

I tried to scratch build for the first time using pla plates only and I think it's pretty hard to make the scratch build. I make the shoulders from pla plates only, later on I will try to use epoxy putty as some fellow blogger suggested me.

I decided to move on by making another scratch build for an anti-ship sword. I think this guy need some massive weaponry because he only has a limited weapon (beam rifle, vulcans, beam sabers, and dual knife). Basically the idea is to charge as fast as possible to the enemy headquarter (which usually a warship) and destroy it to disrupt the enemy, that's why I choose to add an anti-ship sword for him.

This time I surely give my thanks a lot to heathorn, he really help me. Check out his outstanding works at modeling gunpla, especially this.

For a first timer like me doing something like this really excites me, first time doing pla plates, first time modifying a gunpla, also first time using airbrush.

Lastly, this is maybe the color scheme that I will use for my GP-01HPM. Again critics and comments are really helpful for me. Tips and Tricks for handling pla plates also helpful for me. Thanks anyway.


  1. Sure you improve a lot =D I have no trick for now ^^ good luck bro

  2. @Aya: thanks aya..

    @ZD: thanks too ZD..

  3. Thats one really nice scratch build sword bro! Maybe for the shoulders a combination of both pla plate and putty. Probably can use pla plates of the main shape and putty for the rest of the parts.

  4. @chubbybots: thanks chubbs, maybe I will "disturb" you later how to use the putty hahaha..
    and thanks for your advice at painting.. I'm on it right now..

  5. don't mention it mafty.
    Yes putty and epoxy putty are very handy when you want to create custom parts.

    and for the sword, dunno why it gives me an OO vibe. I mean GP looks classic but the sword is more to modern style.

  6. the sword looks really strong :D don't forget to pay attention to the finishing touch of that scratch build part.

    First time in doing something is always special man ^^

  7. @heathorn: hmm.. now that you mentioned it, it's really seems like out-themed sword.. Hmm if the time is still enough I will try to make a simple one heat.. thanks for the advice..
    and you're right, actually I'm gonna put it to the left shoulder which coincidentally similar with 007s sword style..

    @hamster: thanks ham.. yeah I messed up some of the finishing parts, well it become a good lesson for the next scratch build, cause for this one.. Time is running out..

  8. Whoa, cool custom one there mafty. The hands will be in gold? :D :D I think I wanna see it in standing mode (berdiri) too. :D

  9. @canopy: thanks..
    hmm.. maybe the hands will be black.. I'm still unsure about it, but tomorrow I will post my progress.
    and what do you mean by standing mode hahaha.. berdiri dimananya? :D

  10. Fufufu, I mean the usual GFF standing stance, you know, the one usually in the ver Ka's box cover. I bet it would look menacing hehehe.

  11. @canopy: already done it hahaha..