Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MG Exia Straight Build

My newest MG but this is really a Straight build, haven't finished it yet with the final touch up, decals, some miss-panel lining, etc.. but here it is.. The weather isn't really nice in my country so this is my only chance and even can't take lots of photos.. the other reason is because of one thing that keep always distracting me right now ehehe..

Standby stance... It's GN Shield really the main point there.

With one of it's sword..

Close up shot.

With a GN Beam Saber and GN Beam Dagger.

GN Sword slashing style.

GN Beam Pistol attached to GN Sword, the only ranged weapon for Exia.

Exia's main power source GN Drive.

Exia really awesome at detail but lots of problems.. the beam saber and dagger connection are pretty loose, GN Sword is too heavy to pose (not handle but pose it), GN Drive is easy to be pushed away inside >.< and the last problem is despite it's a melee gundam it can't stand in the ground properly, but! with a proper weight proportion in can do like the one that I took above. Still it's awesome and worthed to collect.

So that's it it's really a hasty project.. well gonna accomplished it in near future ehehehe..
some of you might now what makes me "away" from gunplas this time.. ehehe.. yep this is the main source

ehehehe.. yep it's Star Ocean 4 ehehe..

object : MG 1/100 GN-001 Exia Gundam
approx time : 50 minutes (due to unknown weather)
camera : Canon Powershot SX100IS 8MP
location : 3rd floor at my house
time : around 4.00 PM and cloudy


  1. Wah nice man. So you gonna put the decals on :D They are really worth the time to do it ^^ The stickers are actually quite okay for this kit.

  2. aha, back to gaming for some time
    MG exia is sexy no matter how I look at it.

  3. Exia, definitely a sexy gundam! Problems aside, it's a pretty awesome MG with all its gimmicks and the stickers, like chubbs said, is pretty nice when put on him ^^

  4. multiple thoughts on MG Exia...

    maybe i'll go for the normal ver but not now...

    but it is nice!!

  5. @chubbybots: thanks ehehe.. will do.. but maybe not all of them..

    @heathorn: yeah ehehe.. back to gaming.. the game price is near a MG so I have to enjoy it too ahaha..

  6. @faddy: ahahha.. yeah.. it's still a beautiful gundam..

    @ZD: ahaha.. I'm at normal ver too.. not buying the ignition ver.. but it's really depends on you..

  7. Backdrop is awesome, It kinda gives this war-ish feel to it, nice to hear that there are flaws to a seemingly perfect kit.

  8. U ninja build Exia!!! uguu... so nice... kinda tempted to ninja build him too ORZ lol... Ill take my sweet time building him soon nyehehehe

  9. How dare you overcome me in building MG!!
    Okay, soon I will finish my Kotobukiya Armored Core soon.
    then I will post it on my blogs hehehe.....(but don't know when I finished it)

  10. @GunStray: thanks, yeah.. nothing is perfect eh?

    @Tsuki: woot, it seems more like a sweet revenge for me ahahha.. ahahaha.. enjoy it tsuki.. it's really awesome..

    @Ndix: that should do it.. your blog need more touch of plamo ehehe..

  11. Star Ocean 4!!!! I want to play that too, but i have no PS3..... Why didn't you get the IM mode instead?

  12. @Marzz: well #1 I thing I'm not buying that much for the bling2x effect.. not to fond you could say.. (the Repair cape is worst for me..)

    #2 ehehe.. for saving money for SO4 too because the price is actually 8000yen, glad I only got it for around 5500yen

    #3 well I still prefer the ordinary box art over the IM.. ehehe..
    so it's just the personal opinion marzz..

  13. Reimi : >.< leon

    nice man hahha you make me tempted getting MG exia again!
    for decal try Mg v gundam ver ka it have 329 decal :)

  14. one more reason only stupid buy IM mode why buy IM mode if display it as normal exia ( not using the repair parts) and led @_@ that only turn on once

  15. @moe: orz.. I really will explode now..
    woot.. I don't apply all of the decal moe.. only the large one ahahaha... and some of the minor but detailed..

    well some people do prefer the bling2x though and they want to pay much because of it, so I can't say the normal is better than the IM though.. and some really pose his/her Exia at Repair ver..

  16. Yeah despite all the floods of Exia its still worth getting ^^

  17. Ah, MG Exia. A true beauty. ^^
    Can be hard to pose but when its all posed up, it can really look awesome. =D

    @moe: My MG Exia IM is left in Repair Mode. XD

  18. @keionfan: yep

    @rndm: hehe.. at least I can do some "hard" pose right?

  19. LOL, my blogs is not about plamodel, but YGO TCG and anime. However, I might add something else in near future.

  20. the pose and photo quality makes your gundam looks so cool! I always love it!

  21. @Ndi'x: won't pose a problem hahaha..

    @h4mster: thanks.. yours too h4mster..

  22. you have some speed build skills lol great shots, love the GN Sword slash pose and the fact that you pulled it off without using a stand!! amazing ^^ will you do another shoot after applying the finishing touches?

    gunpla and gaming... nice :D

  23. @rocklee: thanks ehehe.. well, yep will do another shoot later.. yeah I have a lot of pose in mind but the problem is how to make it stance well without the stand, well maybe will give it a shoot with extra gimmicks ehehe..

  24. Nice loot! Too bad I don't have much love for Gundam OO series else I would buy the MG Exia.

    Your photos look good and shaper now, maybe next time try to take bottom up angle?

  25. @B-Mecha: thanks Be.. hahaha.. yeah.. it depends on personal interest I think..

    hmm.. from bottom up eh.. well actually want to try it, but afraid of the "extraordinary" view hahaha.. but will try some next time.. [you know, uhm.. there are some clothes hanged up there.. hehehe]

  26. Hi, Im also gundam modeler from malang, could we exchange our link? thank you