Monday, March 22, 2010

Gunpla Wallpaper - 00 Series #1 ~ Exia

Sorry for not updating so frequent due to work.. sigh, actually already have some materials for the next post but don't have time to upload it [slow internet is kinda a problem here].

but well this is some minor update..

I change my style of wallpaper into some bright one.. [the two others were dark right? ehehe..]
this time is inspired from composite Lancelot Albion ver Ka promotional banner hahaha... Also I kept rocklee advice, I smoothed the text edges ahahaha.. and h4mster advice for the ehm.. desktop icon "nesting" place ehehe..

well here it is.. this time is 1600x1200 ver.. feel free to grab it if you like ^^; and don't forget about the comments and critics [they are really very helpful for me]

Okay Edited, this time is not GN Particle System but GN Drive System hehehe..


  1. Its Simplicity, and softness is its beauty.
    Though specifications underneath felt out of place.

  2. woohhooo~ nice lolz~
    better write GN-Drive system instead of GN particle system ^^

  3. @GunStray: thanks.. well the last is nothing particular ehehe.. just want to add some white text. Well gonna change it later..

    @ZD: thanks.. ah.. yeah.. hahaha.. thanks ZD GN-Drive system would be more appropriate..

  4. Hmm I have this idea maybe enlarge the exia and put it in the background as a blue white tone.

    Hehe just an idea :D

  5. @chubbs: uhm.. sorry chubbs, I still didn't get it..
    so basically I just enlarge the Exia and put it at the background? and change the color into blue white? humm...
    ah.. wait.. I think I get it.. hehehe.. nice idea.. will use it for the next wallpaper ehehe.. [well didn't know if it's right or not hahaha]

    now the background is decided.. I will need some inspiration for the theme for the unicorn wallpaper ehehe..

  6. Clean and smooth background suit Exia ^^

  7. any background as long have empty space :D
    forgot something HAX system :P

  8. beautiful mafty!
    it can even do transam after image while not in transam mode!

  9. @keion: thanks keion

    @moe: hehehe.. this one has a lot of empty space.. HAX system?

    @heathorn: thanks heat hahaha.. that's the plus of MG Exia standard ver hahaha..

  10. awesome job dude, love the dashing effect! nice touch ^^

    btw how did you do the color splatter effects?

  11. I love the soft color combination :D nice one!

  12. @rocklee: ehehe.. thanks..
    for that I have to thanks to B-mecha..
    I used brush set for adobe, you can always use google to find them hehe..

    @h4mster: thanks hehehe..

  13. Nice! Photoshop?