Thursday, March 4, 2010

Late Chinese New Year Loot

Hahaha.. well it's already late..
I ordered this since Chinese New Year at February (The Exia is even from last year)
but I got it around late February (around 28th)
so here it's is my loot..

- 1/100 MG Exia: a good kit with a lot of problems.. but the kit's design and detail easily overcomes the problems
- SquareEnix Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope: well I really like this game, not only the story and the gameplay.. (Reimi!!!) uhm.. the graphic and the OST also ahaha..

Well that's is my loot, can't hold the temptation anymore so I already built the Exia ahahaha...
The decal isn't ready.. But maybe I can't hold anymore to take a pic about that beautiful kit ehehe..
a truly straight build then ehehe...


  1. Exia ^_^ Setsuna is happy so many people got his suits,and Star Ocean but never play any version of that game before =X

  2. Nice loots! I see you've already started on Exia's torso! xD Yeah, the model kit has quite a lot of flaws [[kind of disappointing how it can't stand properly]], but building it was still lots of fun.

  3. @keion: yeah hahaha.. I'm also one of them..
    well starocean series was fun because of the theme (medieval and sci-fi) and also it's "brutal" and face paced battle play, and not to mention it's "private" actions ehehe..

    @XD: yeah.. it's really poisoned me >.<

    @eva: hahaha.. yeah.. I heard you like Setsuna's MS eva.. although I admitted it, it's really awesome..

  4. nice loots! MG Exia is still worth it even with the flaws ^^ have fun with SO4!

  5. Mafty not getting trans am verison haha :D

    Exia is still cool though despite the flaws. ^^ Can't say no to big swords!

  6. THe star ocean on PS3 is it fun? The Psp version are quite boring I find.

  7. @ZD: ahaha.. sorry mistypes.. see? I mistypes you to XD

    @rocklee: ehehe.. thanks yeah.. agree..

    @chubby: no chubbs ahaha.. semi pink color with glittering effect.. ehh.. no.. hahaha... although the box art is cooler

    @Leon: yeah.. Star Ocean 1st and 2nd eh?
    well 1st is from NES console and the 2nd is from PS1 Leon, so at that time it's very amusing ehehe..

  8. I never apply decal lol >_>
    mafty : Reimi
    Reimi : >.<

  9. @moe: say it again and I will explode in front of you mwuahahahaha... orz

  10. ahem so angpao turns into exia :D
    hahaha, photos bro!

  11. @heathorn: yeah right.. with the SO4 too hahaha..
    yeah yesterday can't take photo because the weather isn't nice.. maybe today..

  12. do you usually sell your PS3 games after you finished it? if you do, try to offer your price to me :D if the timing is right (which is when I have the cash LoL) I might wanna snatch Star Ocean from you :D

  13. @h4mster: well still haven't sell any.. I only have 2 of them h4mster.. 1 is Valkyria Chronicles, the other is this Star Ocean.. Probably I won't sell it hehehe.. maybe I will play 2~3 times, and don't forget: my sister and my brother also wants to play it too ahaha.. orz

  14. MG EXIA! lets group build it!! :D XD

    ohh u have PS3 uguu.. i envy u!! XD

  15. @Tsuki: okay.. but I already built it tsuki >.<

    hahaha.. orz..

  16. aaaaaaaaa..... exia!!!!! no!!!! how dare you overcome me aargh!!
    moreover, you used my gunpla scissors to build that exia nooooo.... ..... ..... oh wait since it is built using my gunpla scissors then the exia is MINE LOL(evil laughter)

  17. @Ndix: mwuahahahaha... won't do..
    kay next post is Exia photos..