Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre X'mas Loot 2009

Here is my pre x'mas loot for 2009..

- MG Sinanju Ver Ka.
- MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise
- PS3 Slim 120GB
- a HDMI cable (Not mentioned in the picture)
- Valkyria Chronicles PS3 Bluray Disc (Not mentioned in the picture)

I choose MG Sinanju Ver Ka because of Sinanju design and I'm a huge fan of Katoki design.. While I choose Blue Frame because of it's design's originality (astray's design) and it's backpack (of course the multipurpose tactical arms II) for my last gunpla loot. Actually I still have 1 want list left, it's MG Exia, but wonder if I should buy it or not right now (because of MG Red Frame and the next Unicorn sp pack ver --> still wait n see for this MG) While I choose PS3 because of recent RPG games really shift from XBox360 to PS3.. (Star Ocean 4, Tales of Versperia, etc), for my 1st game I pick Valkyria Chronicles, really enjoyed it :3

After released MG Blue Frame now Bandai go with MG Red Frame Kai (5250 Yen).. Really want to know more about it.. Also the new MG Unicorn ver OVA (5250 Yen) and it's SP Pack ver (Around 7000 Yen). Do they have a better articulation than the Ver Ka ones?

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