Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mana Khemia 2

Here is my last game for PS2 before changing console to either PS3 or XBox360 (haven't decided it yet)

Mana Khemia 2

This is a great 2D RPG from GUST, the story is around students at an alchemist school (Al-Revis Academy). This time they include 2 different perspectives of storyline.. one is from the perspective of Rozeluxe Meitzen and the other is from Ulrika Myberg.

Things that I like about this game are:
- Beautiful CG all over the game
- A 2D hardcore battle system (lots of chain and damages, also co-op attack and finishing strikes)
- Alchemy sistem (though it pain at the first because of the lack of ingredients, but not in late game)
- Fresh inside joke (a lot of funny scene there ^^;)

Of course I hate their side quest job which we should make an item with different ether level or hunt monster (but fortunately they are optionals).
This game is really unique in a lot of ways. I'm currently at Ulrika storyline after finishing the Raze storyline. Really enjoyed playing this game.. I hope there will be Mana Khemia 3 and so on.

Wish list for the next game:
1. Retain the CG graphic at the battle system (wow.. that would be awesome..)
2. Retain the battle system (of course with additional improvement)
3. Changing the Item, Alchemy recipes, Enemies (don't use the same enemies all over the time.. it's booriingg!!)
4. Remain 2D (with a better quality of course)
5. Japanese voice acting with English subtitles (this is really a plus for me.. :3)

Story : 6/10 (main story is rather dull)
Graphic : 8/10 (especially the CG)
Soundtrack : 7/10 (not bad..)
Battle system : 9/10 (very intense)
Gameplay : 5/10 (alchemy system is good but it's very repetitive)
Overall : 7 (it's a good game, I really enjoy playing this game)

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