Thursday, January 12, 2012


Second kit finished (hurray) :3
but I'm messed up at the finishing (especially using airbrush and lining), probably because I was too hasty when doing this. Well still, that is no excuse for this horrible job >.< (actually satisfied with the modification job, but did not satisfied with the paint job)

Name: MBF-02S WeissAstray
Type: prototype long range use support mobile suit
Modeler: MaftyNavue

2 x "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS (fire-linked)
2 x beam saber
1 x Type 71 beam rifle
1 x "Nidhoggr" High Presure Particle beam rifle

To defend their country from either Earth Federation or ZAFT, Orb need more firepower despite it's small sized country and it's location is an island making it vulnerable to be attacked from many position. Orb already has it's massive and strong Navy but their strategic leader think it's still need support from mainland to minimize enemy threat.

MBF-02S WeissAstray is what come of from one of the Orb engineer. Basically it's a long range supportive mobile suit capable to strike at long range even at atmosphere, thanks to "Nidhoggr" High Pressure Particle beam rifle. because it can pierce through the atmosphere, "Nidhoggr" also can penetrate enemy beam coating shield with ease. This with an additional boosters and stabilizers make WeissAstray a perfect unit to defend Orb nationality from sea and space entry mission.

Type 71 Beam Rifle.

"Nidhoggr" High Pressure Particle Beam Rifle.

Atmospheric Sniping.

comments and critics are welcomed :3
and thanks to Imoutou for the photo booth. It's really nice :)


  1. Photography, build and poses top notch!! You are really bringing your A game to gunpla this year bro!

  2. @ZD: thanks ZD :)

    @Chubbybots: thanks chubbs, but still gotta improve it :)

  3. Mafty level up~! eheheh

    For me, the colors on some parts are too busy. Might be because the colors are all so vibrant XD

    But great job on modding a 1/144 hg astray bro.
    I know it's a very troublesome kit to work on.