Sunday, January 8, 2012

MS-09FA FullArmed Knightmare Dom WIP#4

Recently doing another project besides Astray (the astray actually finished, but didn't have time to properly take snapshot).

MS-09 Dom Troopen

What I have in mind is, I'm going to make this MS for a special unit at The Sleeves. Watched Unicorn OVA vol 4 make me want to do this project. Dom hasn't got it's upgrade yet (besides Gouf and Gyan, well actually Dom has Dreissen but I want to make this unit is a special unit).

So this is my latest work :3

as always, feel free to give critic or comment

Somehow, I forgot to take pic from my original dom, btw this is my 2nd HGUC kit, My father bought it when I was at Junior High School :D, and this kit is from 1995, quite old eh?

Image from dalong, thanks dalong :3

Giving eye, first time doing this hopefully turn out well.

with upgraded back-up which is more like an imitation form Stark Jegan

With Missile attached.

Back view, finished detailing at backpack tail binder.

Different angle view.

Still to do list:
- Scratch-Build:
 1. Outer Armor
 2. Armor Insignia (The Sleeves)
 3. Gattling

- Detailing:
 1. Missile Launcher
 2. Tail Stabilizer
 3. Body
 4. Finishing touch (minor panel lining, small insignia, sanding)


  1. uwa D:

    mafty;, you silent for a while and then pops out with some awesome stuff :D

    awesome SB and concept there :D

  2. @ZD: thanks ZD, yep.. sorry :P quite busy here, but hopefully I can still mod a gundam.. btw congrats for your "tempat kedua HG terbaik"