Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tauburn Astray WIP #2

Next Update on Tauburn Astray.

26/07 - More Platting arrived from Research booster armor that updated on Astray Backpack.
This kind of booster is used for improved speed plus maintaining the mobile suit control while cruising or battling at high speed.

28/07 - More tail binders attached for maneuverability
and Strike Freedom-type Beam Rifle added for more extra power. Beam Rifle salvaged from Lacus-clyne faction prototype research department.

06/08 - Back view of the Tauburn Astray,
already tested. Progress looks good.

08/08 - Heavy advanced equipment for rifle power extension has arrived from the research department. Currently attached the equipment for the rifle. Also from the test result, more tail binders added for movement stabilization.

Currently Tauburn Astray commencing test run for today, a Junk Guild Engineer scheduled for testing this mobile suit.


  1. you sure are progressing fast and doing awesome :D

    do more, mafty!

  2. this is gonna look awesome! Can't wait for the next update :D

  3. @hams: thanks hams :)

    @mage: semoga hasilnya nanti juga bagus :)

  4. leony gagah!
    ayo dicat, udah diprimer kan.

  5. The last thing u need to do is get a kick ass colour scheme for the new parts. :D

  6. @heathorn: he eh, masih pusing color scheme'nya heat..

    @B-mecha: yep, wish I could pull out a great color scheme bee.. >.<