Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MS-09FA Knightmare Dom

Third kit finished
Again messed up, this time it's the Scratch-Build, try to do a major modification but too lazy to sand it..
actually improved at masking and a bit at airbrushing.

Name: MS-09FA Knightmare Dom
Type: mobile suit for commander use
Modeler: MaftyNavue

1 x Beam Gatling
1 x Tri-Gun Autocannon
2 x 6 "Egret" missile pods

After Zeon defeat at One Year War, lot of the remnants still loyal to Zeon put a fight with the Federation. A small group of Zeon remnants at Sahara Desert heavily modded Zeon's Dom Tropen for commanding use. Because of Dom Tropen characteristic at mid range combat they made a modified version of semi-long range combat for commander. Because commander need a good situation at the war front.

A beam gatling attached to luminous anti-beam coating shield for additional power and defense. Also a "Tri-Gun" autocannon added at the right arm for extra power. Added 2 tail stabilizer and 2 multipurpose missile pod and booster pack for maneuverability and agility.

comments and critics are welcomed..
well next project: "back to basic"

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